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How to befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest

Don’t be afraid of your potential companion

Lady with three arms and legs (Virginia) in a white leotard in Sons of the Forest. Dirty legs though. Very muddy. On a beach. Image: Endnight Games/Newnight via Polygon
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Virginia is a human mutant with three arms and legs who can become a companion in Sons of the Forest. She’ll occasionally approach you as you’re building your shelter, or even exploring the island, but she gets easily frightened from any of your sudden movements. Read on to find out how to get Virginia as one of your companions, and learn what benefits she brings to the team.

How to get Virginia as a companion in Sons of the Forest

Virginia can appear fairly early in your Sons of the Forest playthrough. She always enjoys spending time in warm areas, so avoid the snowy terrain and settle down by a campfire. She’ll slowly approach you and test the waters to see if you’re a friend or foe.

When Virginia begins to approach you, follow the checklist below:

  • Put away your weapons by pressing the “G” key
  • Don’t approach her
  • Don’t attack or kill her, as she can’t be revived (yes, her death is permanent)

Virginia will come and go, so allow Virginia to become accustomed to you by letting her do her own thing. The easiest way to befriend her is to simply ignore her. You’ll know that Virginia wants to become your companion when she offers you a gift.

The benefits of having Virginia as a Sons of the Forest companion

Lady with three arms and legs only this time she has a gun. Virginia with a pistol on a beach in Sons of the Forest Image: Endnight Games/Newnight via Polygon

After befriending Virginia, she can become a very powerful companion who will provide you with materials and lead you to important destinations.

Virginia’s benefits include:

  • She’s a deadly companion that can hold the pistol and the shotgun at the same time.
  • She can provide you with berries, flowers, animals, and other materials.
  • She can guide you to caves and encampments for you to loot.

Make sure to also give her a GPS tracker, obtained by locating the Team B members, which will allow you to spot Virginia’s location on the map.

Keep in mind, Virginia doesn’t take commands from you like your other companion, Kelvin. Virginia will follow you around the island until she decides to roam off on her own.

As you’re playing Sons in the Forest, you may notice that you need the shovel to locate Team B or dig up a random bunker. With Virginia by your side, it’ll be even easier to make it to the cave and grab the shovel for yourself.

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