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How to get the Meridian handgun in Remnant 2

Your hunt starts in Losomn, but that’s only the beginning

The Meridian handgun floats over a black background in Remnant 2. Image: Gunfire Games/Gearbox Publishing via Polygon

Remnant 2 is full of secrets, many of which are easy to miss your first time through the campaign. Take the Meridian, for instance. The hidden area where this explosive handgun resides is easy enough to find, but I bet almost anything you solved the puzzle therein by accident and walked away completely unaware of how close you came to adding a mega-powerful sidearm to your personal arsenal.

Luckily, it’s always possible to go back and rectify your mistake. And for everyone else, follow along with this guide to learn the secret of the Meridian handgun.


The search for the Meridian begins in Losomn, the fantasy-like Remnant 2 world divided between light and dark, and your first step is making sure you have access to Morrow Parish. If you didn’t go to this area during the story — Remnant 2’s progression is randomized, so you may have spent most of your visit to Losomn elsewhere — now’s the time to check out the game’s Adventure Mode.

Adventure Mode is separate from the main Campaign Mode and gives you the opportunity to revisit areas you may have missed through the luck of the draw. First, access the crystal in Ward 13, select World Settings at the bottom of the circular menu, choose Adventure Mode, and then Losomn and your desired difficulty. Before heading out, double-check that you’re starting in Morrow Parish; if not, reroll your adventure and try again. It may take a few tries.

Next, make your way through the slums as normal, defeating enemies and gathering resources. As in the story, you’ll eventually find a portal to the next area. What you want now is for the game to send you to one of the underground levels: the Great Sewers, Harvester’s Reach, or Tiller’s Rest. If you find yourself somewhere besides one of those three areas, you’ll need to go back to Ward 13, reroll your adventure, choose Losomn, and start again from Morrow Parish.

Once you’re in Losomn’s sewers, the next part of the search begins. Fight through the angry peasants until you find a conspicuous opening in a wall behind some wooden shelves and boards (see the screenshot). Each of the underground areas is home to a bunch of different events, so it’s possible you’ll go through the entire level without coming across this secret, in which case, you’ll need to — one sec while I copy-and-paste — go back to Ward 13, reroll your adventure, choose Losomn, and start again from Morrow Parish.

It took me forever to reach to this point, so don’t get discouraged if everything doesn’t fall into place for you immediately.


Okay! You finally made it to the sewers and found the secret opening. After some light platforming, you should find yourself in a medium-sized room with platforms suspended high above a deadly chasm. What you’ll want to look for now is a pipe, but not just any pipe: A pipe with a slime inside of it. Kill the slime and water should begin flowing into the abyss below you.

This is probably where you got on your own without even knowing it because, funny enough, the water now spilling out of the pipe is filling the room. Almost imperceptibly, two wooden platforms are rising out of the gloom, platforms that’ll eventually provide a path to the Meridian. The catch? It takes 90 real-world minutes for the water to get high enough. Oh, Remnant 2, you are a tricky one.

A hero stares at two floating platforms in sewers while looking for the Meridian handgun in Remnant 2. Image: Gunfire Games/Gearbox Publishing via Polygon

But don’t fret, you needn’t stay in the area waiting on some fake water to fill a fake room so you can get a fake gun in a mediocre game. The water will continue rising even if you leave to do other things, so feel free to tackle other pursuits during those 90 minutes. Maybe finish some other quests, go get a coffee, or do like me and write a guide on how to get the Meridian (for a different website, of course, this is my turf). Just be sure not to reroll the adventure until the gun is in your grubby mitts.

Stats for the Meridian handgun illuminate a Remnant 2 menu. Image: Gunfire Games/Gearbox Publishing via Polygon

Is the Meridian even worth all this trouble? Well, it depends on how you feel about grenade launchers, because that’s basically what it is. The permanent mod also turns the Meridian into something of an RPG, with the number of shots ranging from one to five depending on how much mod power you’ve built up beforehand. With the right equipment, I’m sure the Meridian could be a powerful tool in the hands of a would-be Root killer. Just be ready to set aside a decent chunk of time to find it.

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