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How to beat Fallen Archbishop Andreus in Lies of P

Manage the Decay debuff for success in this boss fight

Fallen Archbishop Andreus stares intensely in Lies of P. Image: Neowiz via Polygon

Fallen Archbishop Andreus is one of the tougher bosses in Lies of P. While several boss fights quite challenging, Andreus — a cursed monstrosity guarding the bowels of a cathedral — is more or less the midway test.

Our Lies of P Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss guide shows you where you’ll fight the boss, how to prepare for the boss fight, and how to defeat Fallen Archbishop Andreus.

How to prepare for Fallen Archbishop Andreus in Lies of P

You’ll fight Fallen Archbishop Andreus in St. Frangelico Cathedral, Lies of P’s fourth zone. As you proceed deeper into the labyrinthine sanctum, you’ll encounter several monsters and hazards that cause the Decay status effect, which serves as a precursor to what you can expect in the battle ahead.

How to manage the decay debuff

A Lies of P menu shows the Attribute Purification Ampoule.
The Attribute Purification Ampoule instantly cures Decay. Just don’t let the meter get filled up again.
Image: Neowiz via Polygon

Similar to other status effects, Decay has its own gauge. Once the meter is filled, your character will suffer from an acid damage-over-time effect. Worse, your equipped weapons will also lose durability.

Since Fallen Archbishop Andreus has several attacks that cause Decay build-up, it’s imperative that you have items or perks that can either resist Acid damage or cure Decay, as well as those that can repair weapons. Here are some examples:

  • Consumable: Attribute Purification Ampoule. Completely cures the Decay status effect.
  • Converter: Corrosion Resistance. Provides resistance to acid damage.
  • P-Organ Minor perk: Enhance Attribute Resistance. Provides resistance to Decay, Overheat, Electric Shock, and Corruption build-up.
  • Venigni’s Urgent Repair Tool. Instantly repairs a weapon’s durability.

How to beat Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss fight phase 1

The Lies of P boss Fallen Archbishop Andreus lashes out with a tongue at the Lies of P main character.
The Tongue Lash attacks can be dodged. You can also block them to lower the amount of Decay build-up.
Image: Neowiz Games via Polygon

Once you enter the Fallen Bishop Andreus boss chamber, a cutscene will play. This grotesque monstrosity will emerge from the ceiling, and you’ll have to fight him. Here are the abilities that you need to watch out for:

  • Tongue Lash: The creature strikes with his tongue twice in quick succession; both hits cause Decay.
  • Triple Swipe: The monster does three sweeping strikes with his outstretched hands.
  • Double Smash: When both arms are pointed upward, the boss will slam down on the ground.
  • Sitdown Squat: The boss will leap before squatting on the floor; this attack is unblockable.

Fallen Archbishop Andreus has slow and predictable attack patterns. Even better, you can dodge sideways to avoid his arm swipes, before following up with a couple of attacks with your weapon. The only problem here is the Tongue Lash ability. Make sure you block both hits. Otherwise, the Decay meter will likely get filled up.

How to beat Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss fight phase 2

The Lies of P main character strikes at the tail of Fallen Bishop Andreus in the boss fight chamber.
If you keep dodging sideways, you can hit the bishop’s tail.
Image: Neowiz via Polygon

After depleting the boss’ HP, another cutscene will play. The humanoid form of the archbishop will be revealed, and this will act as the creature’s tail of sorts. This leads to the second phase of the battle. Andreus will retain his previous abilities, and he’ll gain some new ones:

  • Five-Hit Swipe. The boss’ combo chain now hits up to five times. At certain points, its last strike will also be unblockable.
  • Rampage. The creature will rear and charge your location, while slashing multiple times. You can dodge sideways to avoid the initial lunge.
  • Walking Sitdown Squat. This is similar to Sitdown Squat, except the boss will move around before smashing its behind on the floor. This is somewhat erratic, and the boss could miss you completely.
  • Acid Breath. This is cast when the bishop (i.e. tail) is facing you. He’ll spew acid in a frontal cone, which causes Decay build-up.
  • Tail Swipe. The bishop’s tail will move sideways in a sweeping motion.
  • Tail Skewer. If the bishop’s tail does a wind-up move (i.e. akin to a scorpion about to strike), that means the tail will crash down on that spot, skewering you unless you move out of the way.
  • Ion Cannon. The monster (i.e. front) will charge a blue beam, firing a continuous stream in your direction.
  • Ion Skewer. This is similar to the Tail Skewer, except a beam will be fired instead.

This phase of the Lies of P Fallen Bishop Andreus boss fight is significantly more hectic due to you having to juggle two targets: the monster’s head and the bishop’s tail. They share the same health pool, but they tend to alternate periodically. Likewise, it’s possible to switch to another target by dodging sideways until you’re in front or behind the boss.

The goal here is to be mindful of which target is facing you. If it’s the large monster, then it’ll likely do the same attack patterns from the previous phase. However, if it’s the bishop’s tail, then it’ll have new abilities, including additional ones that also cause Decay build-up.

Moreover, make sure that your Grindstone is ready. Your weapon will have lost a lot of durability by now, so try to keep your distance whenever you need to repair. Alternatively, you can use a Venigni’s Urgent Repair Tool to instantly restore durability.

Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss fight rewards

The Lies of P main character wields a trident after defeating the Fallen Archbishop Andreus boss fight.
The Trident of the Covenant is one of two possible rewards from this encounter.
Image: Neowiz via Polygon

After defeating the boss, you’ll receive the Twisted Angel’s Ergo. This item can be exchanged with Alidoro to obtain either of these two rewards:

  • Weapon: Trident of the Covenant. This spear has Motivity C and Technique B scaling. Its blade skill does a frontal stab, followed by a downward crash. Its handle skill, meanwhile, executes a counterattack if you time it just as an enemy’s attack is about to land.
  • Amulet: Nameless One’s Amulet. Gives a slight chance not to consume Pulse Cells when you use one to heal.

That’s everything you need to know about how to defeat Fallen Bishop Andreus in Lies of P. This opponent might be tough, but you should be able to take him out with a bit of patience and luck.