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How to respec in Lies of P

You can reset your level, P-Organs, and Legion Arm

Light shines on the Saintess Mercy Statue that allows you to respec in Lies of P. Image: Neowiz via Polygon

Similar to other Soulslike games, you can respec in Lies of P. With that in mind, you need not stick to the same build for the entire campaign. If you want, you’ll be able to change and tweak your character’s capabilities to your liking.

However, this function isn’t available at the start. Instead, you’ll need to progress further into the campaign. Our Lies of P respec guide discusses how and when you’ll be able to reset your level, your P-Organ upgrades, and your Legion Arms.

How to respec in Lies of P

In Lies of P, you can respec once you interact with the Saintess of Mercy Statue in the Grand Exhibition building. You’ll reach this area during the game’s seventh chapter. Once the mechanic is unlocked, you’ll be able to reset your level (i.e. stat points and Ergo), P-Organ upgrades (i.e. Quartz), and Legion Arms (i.e. Legion Caliber).

Each reset costs a certain amount of Gold Coin Fruit. This currency is obtained from a tree that grows in the yard outside Hotel Krat, and you’ll have access to it after completing the objectives in Malum District. Note that the cost also increases with each reset that you do for a particular category.

How to reach the Saintess of Mercy Statue

The main character of Lies of P stands in a corridor with an illuminated hallway to the left.
Past the chamber with the gondola exhibit, you’ll see the room that can be unlocked by the Saintess of Mercy key.
Image: Neowiz via Polygon

For the Lies of P respec mechanic itself, you’ll want to go further inside the Grand Exhibition facility until you come across a gondola exhibit. Past that point, you’ll notice a door to your left, but you’ll need the Saintess of Mercy Statue Gallery Key to unlock it.

You’ll receive the key once you defeat Champion Victor, the main boss in this area. The boss has slow but hard-hitting attacks, including rush takedowns, power stomps, and leaping smashes. Once your foe has been beaten, a cutscene will play, and an NPC will give you the key automatically.

What happens if you reset your level in Lies of P?

A Lies of P menu shows the player’s stats and available Ergo currency.
Resetting your level lets you reallocate Ergo to various stat points.
Image: Neowiz via Polygon

Resetting your level in Lies of P does exactly that: It completely refunds all the Ergo you’ve spent when you allocated points. Your character’s stats will be reset to the default values when you originally picked a starting class or path when you began the campaign.

We found this option viable as we progressed further into the campaign. That’s because there were times when we opted for certain stats like Motivity, only to realize that other weapon types were viable, such as Technique and Advance.

What happens if you reset P-Organs in Lies of P?

A Lies of P menu shows the player’s skill tree and available Quartz.
You can select different P-Organ upgrades for your preferred build.
Image: Neowiz via Polygon

If you decide to do the Lies of P respec for P-Organs, you’ll regain all the Quartz that you’ve spent so far. This is especially helpful, since there may have been some early-game passives that you acquired, and you’d realize, later on, that other major perks and minor perks are more useful. Similarly, there might be instances when you just want to organize all upgrades under a similar category or function, such as adding to the number of Pulse Cells and including minor boosts that are related to healing or consumables.

What happens if you reset Legion Arm in Lies of P?

A Lies of P menu shows the refund materials for Legion Arm upgrades.
If you didn’t upgrade a particular Legion Arm, then you won’t receive a Legion Caliber when you reset. Sorry, no exploit here!
Image: Neowiz via Polygon

Last but not least, the Legion Arm reset refunds any Legion Caliber items that you’ve used to unlock Legion Arm upgrades. For instance, if you have the level 2 upgrade for the Puppet Strings, you’ll regain three Legion Caliber items. You can make use of this in case you opted for a certain contraption, and you feel that there’s a better one, such as Aegis.

That’s everything you need to know about how to respec in Lies of P. Make use of this function as you see fit, especially if you need certain perks or if you want to try a weapon with a different stat scaling.

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