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How to fast travel in Return to Moria

Be warned: Fast travel still consumes resources

A torch illuminates a cavern that allows fast travel in Return to Moria. Image: Free Range Games/North Beach Games

You learn fast travel in Return to Moria is possible very early on in this dwarven survival game, as the first camp you set up at the end of the tutorial has a Ruined Mapstone to repair. A prompt will appear on-screen explaining what the deal here is: “find or build another to fast travel between them.”

However, rebuilding a Ruined Mapstone requires some very specific items, most of which you definitely will not have by this point. As you’ll also quickly find, traveling great lengths in Return to Moria is quite slow thanks to the limited stamina (and possibly the short legs) you have as a dwarf, and the enemies you’ll encounter along the way. Here’s the lowdown on how to unlock fast travel as quickly as possible in The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria.

How to make a Mapstone in Return to Moria

A mapstone is illuminated in Return to Moria. Image: Free Range Games/North Beach Games via Polygon

The Ruined Mapstone in the first camp will reveal that you need the following items to rebuild it:

  • Black Diamond x1
  • Stone x30
  • Steel Hammer

We have a dedicated guide on how to get Black Diamonds in Return to Moria, so we won’t go into too much detail on that here. Note that you won’t be able to craft a Steel Hammer, however, until you have Steel Ingots, which our guide on how to get steel can point you toward. If you’re looking for more room to cart this all around, consult our guide on how to expand your inventory.

As you explore, you’ll find more Stone Hearths throughout Moria, all of which you can rebuild. Some of these will have Ruined Mapstones nearby, which can be rebuilt for the same materials. Alternatively, if you have three Black Diamonds, you can build a Mapstone from scratch, which means you can choose exactly where it goes. However, it still must be within the build zone of a Hearth.

How fast travel works in Return to Moria

A dwarf interacts with a mapstone in Return to Moria to fast travel. Image: Free Range Games/North Beach Games via Polygon

Once you have at least two Mapstones activated, you can interact with one to fast travel to the other. As you activate more Mapstones, they will be added to the list, so you can simply choose where to fast travel to from a list. These will be split up by the four regions in the game:

  • The Western Halls
  • The Lower Deeps
  • Dwarrowdelf
  • Barazinbar

It’s worth noting that fast travel isn’t instant; all it does is skip the process of walking there yourself. This means food and stamina will be consumed after the loading screen, time will have passed, and you may need to sleep upon arrival. Fast travel is a godsend in Return to Moria, but you’ll need to put in the legwork before it becomes available.

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