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How to get Bronze in Return to Moria

You’ll need to collect both Copper and Tin to get Bronze

Return to Moria dwarf mining Tin Ore in the Mines of Moria Image: Free Range Games/North Beach Games via Polygon
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Bronze ingots are the second major milestone you’ll need to get past in The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. Once you’ve made a Steel Pickaxe and crafted yourself a bigger backpack, it’s time to head into the titular (Mines of) Moria.

The mines open up a lot of new resources to collect which, in turn, unlock a lot of new recipes for crafting. Our Return to Moria guide will explain how to find Cooper and Tin ore and how to craft Bronze Ingots.

How to craft Bronze Ingots in Return to Moria

You’ll eventually just make Bronze Ingots at a Forge, but you’ll have to do a few things first:

  • Reach the (Shortcut to the) Mines
  • Collect Copper and Tin Ore
  • Build a Bellows upgrade for your Forge

Once you’ve done that, you can craft as many Bronze (and Copper) Ingots as you need. Let’s break down the steps in detail.

Reach the Mines of Moria and collect Copper and Tin Ore

The only trick to finding Copper and Tin Ore in Return to Moria is reaching the mines themselves. In the Elven Quarter, you’ll be able to make a Steel Pickaxe and that will let you tunnel to the Shortcut to the Mines.

Return to Moria dwarf mining Tin Ore Image: Free Range Games/North Beach Games via Polygon

In the mines, watch for small boulders containing a white-ish ore with red dots. These contain a small amount of Tin Ore. Tin Ore doesn’t appear in the large veins in wall deposits like other ores (here, at least). It only shows up in these boulders.

Return to Moria dwarf mining Copper Ore Image: Free Range Games/North Beach Games via Polygon

Copper Ore, on the other hand, acts like the other ores you’re familiar with. Watch for the green and red deposits. You might also find Copper Ore in boulders like tin, but it’s much more common in the standard wall deposits.

Build a Bellows

Before you can do anything with your Copper and Tin Ores, you’ll have to upgrade your Forge with a Bellows from the Build menu’s Essentials & Crafting tab. You’ll need 4 Steel Ingots, 8 Elven Wood, and 4 Hides.

Craft Bronze Ingots

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, so you’ll just need to drop 3 Copper Ore and 3 Tin Ore into your Forge and then wait 45 seconds.

Having Bronze Ingots will unlock weapons like the Eregion Spear and Last Alliance Maul or the Eregion Shield.

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