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How to unlock all party members in Super Mario RPG

When will Geno, Bowser, and Peach join your party?

Bowser talks to Mallow, Geno, and Mario in Super Mario RPG. Image: ArtePiazza/Nintendo via Polygon
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You’ll be joined by four extra party members during your adventures as Mario in Super Mario RPG, including the fan-favorite Geno.

Each character has their own set of spells and stats, meaning they do specialize in different things. Before certain bosses or in specific areas, you’ll want to set up your party to counter whatever the Smithy is throwing at you. Luckily, in this remake, you can swap out your characters mid-battle, so it’s not a do-or-die situation.

In this Super Mario RPG guide, we’ll introduce you to the four party members, explain what they do, and tell you when you find them.

All party members in Super Mario RPG

There are four playable characters in Super Mario RPG, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, which you can improve by prioritizing the best level up bonuses:

  • Mallow
  • Geno
  • Bowser
  • Peach

Below, we’ll outline how to get all four characters in your party.

How to get Mallow in Super Mario RPG

Mallow is primarily a caster, so he’ll be eating up most of your flowers. He has a plethora of ice and electric spells, as well as a heal and an ability to check how much exact HP an enemy has left.

You unlock him shortly after arriving to the Mushroom Kingdom.

How to get Geno in Super Mario RPG

Geno is a powerful puppet ally who can fire strong projectiles and cast easy-to-use spells. Better yet, he can use Geno Boost, which gives an ally an attack buff (and a defense buff, if you time it right).

After heading into the left house in Rose Town and playing with the boy’s toys, a cutscene will play out with Geno, but he won’t be playable quite yet. Head to the Forest Maze and follow Geno and he’ll join your party shortly before the boss.

Geno blasts spiky enemies in Super Mario RPG with green lights Image: ArtePiazza/Nintendo via Polygon

How to get Bowser in Super Mario RPG

Bowser is a bruiser with a focus on physical attacks. He can apply status ailments and even do some big damage with later spells, but his magic attack stat is pretty lacking. That said, you should just stick to physical damage for the Koopa King.

Bowser joins your party right before you enter Booster Tower.

How to get Peach in Super Mario RPG

Until you hit the end of the game, Peach won’t deal much damage, but she will keep your party nice and healthy. Her healing spells are significantly better than Mallow’s single heal, and she can even revive your party members.

After rescuing Peach from Booster Tower and returning to the Mushroom Kingdom, she’ll be banned from joining you. However, as you leave the castle, she’ll sneak out to accompany you.

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