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How to beat the Dire Maul dungeon in Warcraft Rumble

Face down King Gordok and his goons for powerful upgrades

King Gordok, the final boss of the Dire Maul dungeon in Warcraft Rumble Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Polygon
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Dire Maul is Warcraft Rumble’s first dungeon, and you’ll be able to take it on once you collect 30 Sigils from the game’s main campaign.

In Dire Maul, you’ll face down three familiar faces from the classic World of Warcraft dungeon: Stomper Kreeg, Immol’thar, and King Gordok. Each of these bosses has their own gimmick, and you’ll need a slightly different strategy for each of them. Thankfully, we’re here to help.

In this Warcraft Rumble guide, we’ll show you how to beat the Dire Maul dungeon and offer some advice on each of the dungeon’s three bosses.

How to beat Stomper Kreeg in Warcraft Rumble

A player battled Stomper Kreeg in Warcraft Rumble Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Polygon

Stomper Kreeg is a simple two-lane fight with a boss that does serious area damage. The strategy here is to run your units right and take that tower as quickly as possible. Then you want to run your units left to take the second tower. Clear out Stomper Kreeg’s troops with area damage or aerial units while you’re getting set up. Once you have both turrets, Kreeg is toast. Just use an even split of tanks supported with damage on either side and you’ll burn him down fast.

Horde tips: During Horde week, you should try and take advantage of Bat Rider’s burning and aerial damage. Paired with a beefy tank like the Stonehoof Tauren, you can take out most of Kreeg’s army quickly. The Execute spell is also excellent here.

How to beat Immol’thar in Warcraft Rumble

A player inspects Immol’thar in Warcraft Rumble Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Polygon

Immol’thar is quite a bit more interesting than Kreeg. This dog-beast scatters little eye bombs around the arena, which can explode on your units and deal damage. You can try to avoid these by going different routes, or you can just send a sacrificial unit to take the damage before the rest of your army. You can take advantage of the Summoning Stone on the left for some quick hits on Immol’thar, but we recommend you take out the tower to the right first and spawn from there, as it’s easy to lose a Summoning Stone to Immol’thar’s speedy and cheap Beast units.

Horde tips: Immol’thar uses Banshees, which means it can turn one of your units against you on occasion. This means you need to send larger groups to attack instead of single units, so tanks are either forced to go against multiple damage dealers or fight another tank. Because of the large groups of Beast minions, Execute is excellent for this fight as well.

How to beat King Gordok in Warcraft Rumble

A player battles King Gordok in Warcraft Rumble Image: Blizzard Entertainment via Polygon

King Gordok is the most fun fight in the bunch. There are three lanes in the Gordok fight: a middle lane with a tower, a left lane with an ogre boss, and a right lane with a mage boss. If you defeat these boss lieutenants, they’ll take a brief break and then regain their health to join you in the fight against King Gordok. However, if Gordok beats these allies back into submission, they’ll turn on you again. Because you can never kill these enemies, this fight is a constant state of push and pull — unless you ignore the lieutenants and run it up the middle, which is doable at lower levels. Finally, if you let King Gordok return to his starting position and stop dealing damage to him, he’ll start to regain all his health, so you have to keep up the pressure no matter what.

Start by taking on the ogre to your left and then take on the mage to your right. While Gordok is distracted with defending himself, take the turret in the middle. Once you have the turret, the fight is basically over. Just keep sending units down the middle and even if the lieutenants die you’ll knock them out again and they’ll swap sides.

Horde tips: Just like the previous fights, the Stonehoof Tauren and Bat Rider are going to do wonders here. Both are capable of taking the lieutenants out as a pair, allowing you to focus your more powerful units on the central lane.

Once you kill Gordok, you’ll be able to claim your Arclight Energy and upgrade your leader.

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