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How to get through the Forest Maze in Super Mario RPG

The route is slightly different from the original game

Mario runs forward from a stump into the Forest Maze in Super Mario RPG Image: ArtePiazza/Nintendo via Polygon
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The Forest Maze is one of the early areas you’ll encounter in Super Mario RPG, and it lives up to its name. The layout of the Forest Maze is slightly different from the original game, but the actual maze part remains the same.

Below we detail the correct Forest Maze routes to take in Super Mario RPG to both get to the boss and to get treasure.

How to get through the Forest Maze in Super Mario RPG

After entering stumps and going through some of the more straightforward forest bits, you’ll be greeted with an actual labyrinth, where you’ll end up circling around unless you take the correct path.

Since the pathways are diagonal, here’s what we mean when we use directions, for reference:

Mario in the Super Mario RPG Forest Maze, with directions labeled. Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source images: ArtePiazza/Nintendo via Polygon

The first time you go through the Forest Maze, you should just follow Geno. If you lose track of him, he walks in these directions: right, up, up, right, up, and then left. You can use this to go back through the Forest Maze whenever you need, though there’s little reason to do that. (Maybe you missed the hidden treasure in the last area? I don’t know.)

There is a hidden path that an NPC in Rose Town tells you about. From the starting point, you’ll need to go left, down, down, and then left. If you’ve done this correctly, you’ll see a stump that you can enter to get loot.

Either way, after you complete the maze, you’ll be greeted by a save block. Save there or go straight ahead to be greeted by Bowyer, one of the early bosses.

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