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Super Mario RPG best level up bonus stats

What stats should you boost on each character’s level up?

The level up screen in Super Mario RPG, which shows the whole cast on a stage with a spotlight Image: ArtePiazza/Nintendo via Polygon
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Every time a character levels up in Super Mario RPG, you can choose between several stats to give an additional boost to. However, some characters will excel from boosts to specific stats more than others.

Each character has a more traditional RPG role that they have, though eventually they all get the equips to take and dish out damage fairly evenly. Mario is a traditional physical damage-focused character, Mallow is a caster, Geno is an all-rounder, Bowser is a bruiser, and Peach is a healer.

Best level up bonus stats in Super Mario RPG

All that said, you should focus on the following stats first for each character:

  • Mario: Attack
  • Mallow: Magic Attack
  • Geno: Attack and Magic Attack
  • Bowser: Attack and HP
  • Peach: Magic Attack

After boosting up those stats a bit, you can focus on powering up the other stats for each character. You should especially prioritize HP if you notice a certain party member dying a lot.

A prompt in Super Mario RPG to power up Mario’s HP after a level up Image: ArtePiazza/Nintendo via Polygon

You should know that raising Attack powers up all of one member’s regular attacks while boosting Magic Attack powers up all their special attacks. Yes, even if it seems like Mario’s Super Jump attack would follow under physical damage, and thus be boosted by a high Attack stat, it’s actually his Magic Attack stat that makes it stronger.

At the end of the day, though, you should just boost up based on your playstyle. If you like using Mallow’s staffs and cymbals to attack, you can boost his Power. If you love using Mario’s specialized jumps, boost his Star. The game doesn’t punish you super hard for just doing what you want, even against its extra bosses.

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