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Palworld type chart for all elements, strengths, and weaknesses

Make use of elemental strengths and weaknesses in Palworld

A cute, grass-type Pal from Palworld aims a small semi-automatic handgun Image: PocketPair
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The type chart is the backbone of Palworlds creature combat. Like other similar RPGs, Palworld utilizes an elemental strengths and weaknesses system, allowing you to dish out more damage against enemies if you use the right type of moves. As with many games that deploy a similar mechanic, a type chart on-hand is key.

If you’ve played any Pokémon game, you likely know the basics: Using fire-type moves against grass-type Pals will deal more damage, and using grass-type moves against fire-type Pals will deal less damage.

Palworld’s take on the elements is a bit simpler than Pokémon’s, though, since elements don’t have multiple weaknesses. That keeps things simple. Going against an electric-type Pal? Don’t bring any water-type Pals. The only element that has multiple strengths is fire, which is strong against both ice and grass.

Remember that, despite all of this, Pals can still learn other move types. The fire-type Pal you’re fighting may have a ground-type move, so it’s important to pay attention to the fighting — particularly during boss fights like Zoe and Grizzbolt — to make sure your Pal isn’t taking super effective damage.

Read on to see the type chart for Palworld, and to learn all elements and their respective strengths and weakenesses.

Palworld type chart for all elemental strengths and weaknesses

Palworld itself actually provides this type chart showcasing the different elements in the survival guide:

A chart in Palworld of the different elemental types. Image: Pocketpair via Polygon

If you would rather have a purely text-based type chart, here you go:

Palworld type chart, all elements

Element Strong against Weak against
Element Strong against Weak against
Fire Grass, Ice Water
Grass Ground Fire
Ground Electric Grass
Electric Water Ground
Water Fire Electric
Ice Dragon Fire
Dragon Dark Ice
Dark Neutral Dragon
Neutral None Dark

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