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Hades guide: What do door symbols mean?

Use Artifacts and Boons to choose your path

Hades door symbols guide Image: Supergiant Games via Polygon
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In Hades, you’ll traverse many rooms during your ill-fated attempts to escape Tartarus. Some of those rooms will have multiple exits. The path you take doesn’t matter, but the symbol on each door — like the purple gem, the key, the heart, the coin, the hammer, and more — does give you a hint about what you’ll face and the rewards you’ll receive.

In this Hades guide, we’ll tell you what each symbol means and what you’ll get for completing the room behind that door. (Completing rooms just involves killing all of the Perilous Foes (enemies) you find there.)

Artifacts – coins, gems, keys, and hearts

Hades Artifact symbols
Artifact symbols.
Image: Supergiant Games via Polygon

The most common symbols you’ll see on doors are for Artifacts. These will be for things like currencies, upgrades, or healing items. You can see seven of them in the image above — there are more, but these are the most common. (And we haven’t found the rest yet.)

From left to right, these Artifacts are:

  • Darkness (purple gem). Darkness is the currency for permanently upgrading your stats. You’ll spend it at the Mirror of Night in Zagreus’ bedroom.
  • Charon’s Obol (coin). These coins are your currency at Charon’s shop.
  • Centaur Heart. Centaur Hearts increase your max health by 25. They’ll also heal you immediately for the same amount.
  • Pom of Power (pomegranate). Poms of Power upgrade one of your Boons (see below).
  • Daedalus Hammer. Each of Daedalus’ Hammers upgrade your weapon. This upgrade disappears when you die.
  • Chthonic Keys. These keys are another kind of currency. You’ll mostly use them to unlock additional weapons (but there are other uses later in Hades).
  • Gemstones. Gemstones are how you’ll pay the House Contractor for useful upgrades to the Underworld or cosmetic upgrades to the House of Hades.

Olympian Gods and Boons

The Olympian Gods of Hades
The Olympian Gods and their symbols.
Image: Supergiant Games via Polygon

The nine Olympian Gods each have their own symbol. (There are only eight in the image above — we haven’t met the ninth yet.) When you see their symbol on a door, you’ll receive a Boon (stat boost) from that god when you complete the room.

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