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Hades guide: How to heal

Your options are limited, but we’ll tell you about three

Hades guide: How to heal Image: Supergiant Games via Polygon
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Escaping Tartarus in Hades is a dangerous activity, and you don’t have a lot of health to survive the process. Healing is a rarity in the Underworld, so you’ll have to keep a careful eye out for every opportunity to do so.

In this Hades guide, we’ll tell you some of the ways to regain a little of your precious health. There are more methods for healing than the three below, but these are the first few you’ll encounter.

Centaur Hearts

The most obvious way to heal is with an Artifact (item) called a Centaur Heart. You’ll get these as rewards for completing some rooms. The rooms where you’ll get these healing items will have a Centaur Heart symbol on the door.

Chthonic Vitality and Dark Regeneration

Once you start collecting Darkness, you’ll be able to unlock new Talents at the Mirror of Night. The second Talent down is Chthonic Vitality, which heals you for 1 health each time you exit a room.

Using the buttons along the left side of the mirror, you can swap Chthonic Vitality for another Talent called Dark Regeneration. This Talent converts some Darkness into health instead whenever you collect any.

Fountain Chamber

When the House Contractor appears in the House of Hades, there will be a grand opening deal to build a Fountain Chamber, Tartarus. Once the work order is complete, you’ll have a chance to come across these rooms while out in the Underworld. You’ll find an Artifact — like a Centaur Heart or a Boon — along with a fountain that will heal you for 15 health.

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