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Hades guide: Nectar

How to use Nectar and what it does for Zagreus

Hades guide: Nectar Image: Supergiant Games via Polygon
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As you escape the Underworld in Hades, most of the items you come across have obvious uses, like Darkness for skill upgrades or Daedalus Hammers for weapon upgrades. Nectar, though, works a little differently.

In this Hades guide, we’ll explain what Nectar is and how you’ll use it.

Where to find Nectar

Hades Nectar codex
The entry for Nectar in your Codex.
Image: Supergiant Games via Polygon

Nectar is an item you’ll (very) occasionally find in your journeys through the Underworld. This item isn’t for Zagreus, though. Nectar is a gift for the rest of the denizens of Tartarus.

You’ll pick it up Nectar in some rooms — the door will have a Nectar symbol on it — and even more rarely as rewards. You’ll keep Nectar even after death.

How to use Nectar

Broadly, Nectar makes the non-player character you hand it to like you more. There’s an Affinity gauge for each character in their Codex entry, and Nectar will bump that gauge up one notch (heart).

The first time you give Nectar to a character, they’ll reward you with a Keepsake. Keepsakes are items that modify your runs. You’ll equip these at the cabinet in the Arsenal Room.

Give your first Nectar to Cerberus

When you get your first Nectar, give it to Cerberus the next time you’re in the House of Hades. You’ll get the Old Spiked Collar Keepsake as a reward. This Keepsake increases your health by 25%. As you continue to play with the Old Spiked Collar, that will increase to 50% when it’s fully upgraded.

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