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Hades guides

Hades guides

Make your escape from Tartarus a little easier

Hades is an incredible game. Hades is also a lot to take in, with a ton of decisions to make, multiple weapons and currencies, and a story set in the Greek underworld that takes multiple playthroughs to complete. It’s also purposefully vague.

Part of Hades’ charm is figuring out how the game works, but we’re here to guide your journey of discovery like your own personal Charon. Start with our Hades beginner’s guide and tips on how to get started. Once you unlock your arsenal, we have a guide to help you choose a weapon. We’ll also introduce you to the interesting ways that damage stacks up in Hades, including a tip on a quick way to double your damage output.

As you delve a little deeper into Hades’ mechanics, we’ve got explainers for how to heal, what those door symbols mean, how Hades’ God Mode works, how to use Nectar — including why you should give it to the goodest boy Cerberus first — and why weapons glow purple sometimes.