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Hades guide: Wretched Broker

Exchange Chthonic Key, Gemstones, Nectar, Diamond, Ambrosia, and Titan Blood at the vender

Zagreus fits in Hades, above the Wretched Broker guide Image: Supergiant Games

In this Hades guide, we’ll teach you about the Wretched Broker, an underworld dealer who allows you to change one virtual currency for another, so that you can continue making progress toward the character upgrades you find most appealing. You unlock the ability to visit his shop automatically, early in the game.

You will find the broker hawking his wares along the right side of the Lounge, itself located along the right side of the Great Hall. He carries a lot of vases and urns and is right next to the dining area, so he’s hard to miss.

As you progress deeper into your runs, the options at the broker’s shop expand. Eventually, he will consistently offer the following trades:

  • 1 Chthonic Key for 10 Gemstones
  • 1 Nectar for 5 Chthonic Keys
  • 1 Diamond for 10 Nectar
  • 1 Ambrosia for 2 Diamonds
  • 1 Titan Blood for 1 Ambrosia

You can make as many of the trades listed above as your possessions allow. In addition to his regular offers, Hades’ broker features a single limited-time offer between each run. This trade is sometimes especially useful, so make sure you check with the broker each time around to avoid missing something special.

Once you have spent a long time playing Hades, it’s a good idea to regularly chase after Gemstones. With them, you can easily buy keys to obtain Nectar, which lets you acquire diamonds you can use to pay the House Contractor for important upgrades, or to put toward Ambrosia that you can give to NPCs or redeem for Titan Blood.

If you learn to make the most of the Wretched Broker, you will find he isn’t nearly so wretched at all. Rather, he is the key to late-game success. Don’t ignore him.

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