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Hades guide: House Contractor

Work Orders, cosmetics, and the Fated List of Minor Prophecies

Zagreus fits in Hades, above the Wretched Broker guide Image: Supergiant Games

HadesHouse Contractor allows players to make cosmetic improvements throughout the underworld, from the Great Hall where Zagreus relaxes before his next escape attempt, to the enemy-infested regions that stand between him and freedom.

In this Hades guide, we explain which upgrades you should focus on first, and why.

The House Contractor sets up shop near Hades’ desk in the Great Hall, so he’s difficult to miss. When you first talk to him, he won’t have many options available, but the list of services and improvements he can provide expands as you continue to invest.

Initially, you pay the contractor using Gemstones that you find in Tartarus and elsewhere. As you progress through the game and clear the second region, Asphodel, you gain access to a costlier currency: Diamonds. These you can use in trade while visiting the Wretched Broker (who exchanges 2 Diamonds for 1 Ambrosia), or you can spend them to pay the House Contractor to make the most exciting improvements, such as the most advanced Work Orders and significant cosmetic modifications.

There are several categories of improvement eventually available: Work Orders, Great Hall, West Hall, Lounge, Bedchambers, and Court Music. Most of those categories are purely cosmetic, except for the first one.

Work Orders

Hades Work Orders allow you to add a variety of useful enhancements to the regions you explore as you attempt to escape. These include fountains so you can restore your health, along with bonuses so your rewards when defeating enemies are greater. You can also pay to place Infernal Trove chests, which allow you to face off against a group of enemies to earn a reward such as Gemstones, Darkness shards, or even a useful health refill.

Remember that the full list of potential improvements doesn’t become available immediately, so you need to constantly make the upgrades you can to improve your options. At the earliest opportunity, pay for the Fated List of Minor Prophecies enhancement, which allows you to earn significant rewards as you meet certain objectives.

If you are having difficulty making improvements that require Diamonds, remember you can acquire them through trade with the Wretched Broker at his shop in the Lounge. After each failed escape attempt, it’s a good idea to see what more you can build.

With assistance from the House Contractor, you should be able to slowly make meaningful improvements with a lasting impact. The available cosmetic improvements are just icing on the cake.

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