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What to watch this Halloween weekend

Michael Myers is a stand-in for toxic something

Be very, very careful about where you buy your Squid Game costume this Halloween

The Muppets’ Haunted Mansion horror comedy was a dream 30 years in the making

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Halloween Countdown: 31 days of streaming horror

Halloween Countdown: 31 days of streaming horror

Netflix’s intense horror film His House reinvents the haunted-house thriller

Check out Polygon’s jack-o-lantern tributes to video game ghosts

Google’s new playable Doodle brings back Halloween’s cutest cat wizard

Presenting: Our best Halloween costumes

This pumpkin carving sim is a real delight

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Justin Simien says Bad Hair isn’t just camp horror, it’s a political statement

One of my favorite romance visual novel apps has a killer horror series

The scariest part of Half-Life 2 

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In October, we appreciate Animal Crossing’s Wisp

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Every blissfully trashy Halloween episode of Criminal Minds, ranked

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This is the best Batman Halloween story ever

Thief’s Shalebridge Cradle mission taught me to fear asylum/orphanage combo platters

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Six great tabletop games to play on Halloween

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Hulu’s horror anthology movie Books of Blood is creepy but clumsy

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The best Halloween episode of Boy Meets World originally aired on Feb. 27

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Poltergeist’s PG rating was a crime against kids of the ’80s

Scare Me is an elaborate, campy inside joke for horror fans

P.T. unleashes new wave of terror after rumor that Konami has disabled it

These scary games are super cheap in time for Halloween

The best horror series in comics is back just for Halloween