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Here’s everything Microsoft owns after the Activision Blizzard deal

Halo Infinite’s Cyber Showdown event: Start time and rewards

I wasn’t going to buy Halo Infinite cosmetics, but then I saw the cat ears

Halo Infinite multiplayer winter event doles out ‘Peppermint Laughter’ rewards

I was a teenage transgender supersoldier

If you’re shooting in Halo Infinite, you’re doing it wrong

Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle matchmaking causing errors, fix coming in January

Halo Infinite’s next samurai multiplayer event will offer more free cosmetics

Halo servers for Xbox 360 games shutting down next month

Please don’t kill the grunts in Halo Infinite, they have so much to say

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Halo Infinite guide: How to change the campaign’s difficulty

NFL star celebrates Halo Infinite launch with a teabag sack dance

Halo Infinite’s new multiplayer playlists — including Slayer — coming Tuesday

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Master Chief’s laconic nature makes him the perfect video game action hero

The Halo TV series’ first full trailer shows Master Chief in action

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Halo’s best story happened way before Master Chief

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Polygon draws their own Master Chiefsonas

PSA: Here’s when Halo Infinite’s campaign launches

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Halo Infinite saves the series by finally doing something different

Here’s the first tiny peek at the Halo show in action

A Halo Infinite player is exploiting physics to pull off Breath of the Wild-style trick shots

Halo Infinite won’t let you replay story missions

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The complete ranking of the mainline Halo games, including Halo Infinite

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Wait, why are we mad at Cortana? Seven things to remember before you play Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite getting new multiplayer playlists, including SWAT and Slayer

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‘The little Banshee driver’: A 10-year-old girl’s quest for kills in Halo 2 on Xbox Live

Halo Infinite’s sniper rifle can take down 23 Spartans with one headshot

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An oral history of the iconic ‘Halo 3: Believe’ diorama, including a version fans never saw

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Halo is at its best when it embraces horror

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Pringles has Halo-themed flavors and I tried them

A collage of images including a fake version of Halo for Mac operating systems, a strange confidential document with Waluigi on it, Steve Jobs wearing a gamer headset and holding a Mountain Dew, and a curvaceous portable console.

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What if Halo had been a Mac exclusive?

Halo Infinite’s battle pass XP is getting another big upgrade