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Halo Infinite multiplayer weekly challenges, explained

Earn your Ultimate weekly reward

Two armored Spartan soldiers ready their rifles in Halo Infinite Image: 343 Industries/Xbox Game Studios

Halo Infinite multiplayer has Weekly Challenges to keep you coming back for more. These challenges earn you XP toward your Battle Pass and an Ultimate Weekly reward for completing them all.

In this Halo Infinite Weekly Challenges guide, we’ll explain how everything works.

Halo Infinite multiplayer Weekly Challenges

To check out your Weekly Challenges, all you have to do is check your Battle Pass progress from the Home or Multiplayer screen — it’s the Y button with a controller.

Halo Infinite multiplayer weekly challenges Image: 343 Industries/Microsoft Game Studios via Polygon

You’ll see two panels: your Battle Pass progress on the left and your Challenges progress on the right. Select the Challenges panel, and hit A to dig a little deeper.

Image: 343 Industries/Microsoft Game Studios
Daily and Weekly Challenges list.

Here, you’ll see the Daily Challenge as well as your three currently Active Weekly Challenges. You only have three (or four if you have the Premium Battle Pass) weekly challenges running at a time, but there are somewhere around 20 weekly challenges to complete each week.

Halo Infinite multiplayer weekly challenges
Upcoming Challenges list.
Image: 343 Industries/Microsoft Game Studios via Polygon

Each time you complete a weekly challenge, a new one will slot in from the Upcoming Challenges list. You can view this list by hitting Y (on a controller).

Weekly Challenges Ultimate reward

The Ultimate reward for the first week of Halo Infinite is the Sigil visor.

There’s a new Ultimate reward each week — separate from the Battle Pass progression rewards. To earn your Ultimate reward, you’ll need to complete all of the Weekly Challenges by cycling all of the Upcoming through your three (or four) Active Challenges and then completing that week’s Ultimate Challenge.

You have a limited time — one week, obviously — to complete everything. You can see how much time is left for these Challenges on the right side of the Challenges screen by the reward.

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