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Halo Infinite guide: Targets

Eliminate High Value Targets

Targets – Halo Infinite Image: 343 Industries/Microsoft Game Studios via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

As you explore Halo Infinites Zeta Halo, you’ll discover 15 High Value Targets. These are notable Banished who are extra strong and each carries a unique weapon.

In this Halo Infinite Targets guide, we’ll tell you about these targets, and list what you get for defeating each of them.

Table of contents

There are 15 Targets to find. We’ll list them below, along with their location and reward.

Halo Infinite Targets, explained

As you travel around Zeta Halo and liberate FOBs, you’ll occasionally reveal Targets. These are indicated by a red, triangular, crosshair icon.

Targets (or High Value Targets or HVTs) are prominent Banished. Each of them has a powerful shield and a ton of health. They also have a crew of lackeys around them.

Your job for each Target is to roll in and eliminate both the Target and their crew. When that’s done, you’ll be able to claim their unique weapon as your own.

Targets – Halo Infinite guide
Halo Infinite Target map locations.
Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: 343 Industries/Microsoft Game Studios via Polygon

1. Inka ‘Saham

Inka ‘Saham grew in notoriety during the Covenant War as shipmaster or the DAS-class storm cutter Heresy’s Sorrow, which repeatedly harassed UNSC supply lines and UEG trade routes. After the collanse of the Covenant, ‘Saham struck an alliance with the War Chief Escharum. and dedicated the service or his ship and crew to the Banished. In 2559. a Spartan-IV headhunter was dispatched to assassinate ‘Saham, but the mission failed: according to reports, our operative was held and tortured as prisoner of war, not to obtain UNSC intel, but simply for Saham’s enjoyment. Since then ‘Saham has been inducted into the Bloodstars, a Banished spec-ops group repuroosed to train warriors in the art or eliminating Spartans.

You’ll find Inka ‘Saham in the top northwest corner of the map, on the island north of Outpost Tremonius.

Inka ‘Saham carries a Rapidfire Pulse Carbine.

2. Thav ‘Sebarim

Kaidon Thav ‘Sebarim was one of the leading Covenant commanders in their final strikes against Earth and its colonies on Reach and Luna. He abandoned his station after the Prophets betraved the Elites, and fled back to his homeworld of Suban to be reunited with their kin at the Keep of Malaston. As the Sangheili people descended into a vicious cycle of civil war, the kaidon joined forces with Atriox, as the Banished did not discriminate against Sangheili warriors, so long as they were skilled. ‘Sebarim has become infamous for his actions in the Battle of Harrow, where his siege of the city of Adruvon resulted in the deaths of over 700,000 human civilians.

‘Sebarim is located on the west side of the map near the middle of the large central island. Look for him to the east of the Excavation Site.

Defeating him will earn you the Arcane Sentinel Beam.

3. Okro ‘Vagaduun

For the last decade of the war, Okro ‘Vagaduun was considered one of the most lethal infantrv assets in the Covenant, and was granted the title Blademaster by the Minister of Resolution for his remarkable combat ability. ‘Vagaduun hailed from a long line of swordfighters and repeatedly defied odds, surviving even when vastly outnumbered. When the Covenant fell into dismav at the hands of the Prophets, he returned to Suban, the blood-moon of Sanghelios and his birthworld, where he was approached by Atriox with an offer to join the Banished. Only after a year of watching his own people fall to civil war, he agreed. Since then ‘Vagaduun has fought exclusively for the Banished as part of the Bloodbrave, a sect of highly esteemed warriors from his homeworld.

Look for ‘Vagaduun along the coast in the southwest of the map. Head south from FOB Foxtrot and follow the coast to find him.

You’ll earn the Duelist Energy Sword after killing him.

4. Bipbap

The mercenary Bipbap is among the most dangerous Unggoys known to the UNSC. Once a bodyguard for high-ranking Covenant officials, Bipbap earned his reputation for ruthlessness in service of the chieftain Tartarus slaying scores of his own people for siding with the Elites in the Great War. Following the collapse of the Covenant, Bipbap returned to his homeworld of Balaho to refashion himself as an assassin for hire, and was so successful that he was granted the title of “Vanquisher” by his clan. Bipbap is notorious for numerous acts of widespread destruction on the colony of Venezia, where his relentless and ruthless pursuit of his targets – and the collateral damage caused along the way – resulted in over 830 human casualties.

The surprisingly powerful Grunt named Bipbap is probably the first Target you’ll encounter. You’ll find Bipbap about halfway between FOBs Alpha and Bravo.

Bipbap carries a Calcine Disruptor.

5. Briglard

One of the more disturbing reports from recent encounters with the Banished concerns the Unggoy known as Briglard. The grunt gained notoriety near the end of the Covenant War in the Great Schism where his vicious and often sadistic behavior on the battlefield earned him a high-priority target designation by Arbiter ‘Vadam’s allied forces. Briglard joined the Banished after the war’s conclusion, where his macabre infatuation with violence — and his affinity for the Jiralhanae, whose ruthlessness inspired his own — has earned him great respect among his peers. He has been known to not iust kill UNSC personnel at rates far outstripping other Unggoy, but to do so in horrific and disturbing ways.

You’ll find Briglard on the west side of the map, across the bridge from FOB Echo.

You’ll earn an Unbound Plasma Pistol for killing him.

6. Barroth

Having earned the title of Khordat for his exceptional prowess behind a scope, the Ruuhtian marksman Barroth garnered a reputation among Kig-Yar treasurehawks and raiding krewes for his virtually unblemished accuracy record. That reputation earned interest from the Banished and eventual initiation into their Bloodstar ranks with the aim of producing a lethal Spartan Killer. To date, our best intel attributes at least 271 UNSC deaths directly Barroth. If given the opportunity, we must engage carefully, but with extreme prejudice.

Barroth hangs out at the southern end of the map. The closest FOB is FOB Lima to the southeast, but it’s a long and circuitous route to get to him. Instead, fast travel to FOB Kilo in the south-southeast of the map and head east to find him.

Barroth carries the Stalker Rifle Ultra.

7. Zeretus

One of the most senior officers in the Banished, Zeretus — known to his peers as “the scourgemaker” — was among the first to join the faction after Atriox made his stand against the Covenant. Since then, he’s been a critical component of Banished exploration efforts, leading numerous operations to scour Forerunner relic sites in search of critical assets — and destroying anything that stands in his way. In one such operation on the ocean-moon Lagolim, Zeretus ordered the sinking of a UEG research colony in pursuit of an ancient Forerunner site beneath the seas. Of the 1,244 scientists and analysts stationed there, none survived.

You’ll find Zeretus near the center of the map a little to the southeast of the middle. Head to FOB November and travel northwest.

You’ll earn the M41 Tracker rocket launcher variant when you eliminate him.

8. Balkarus

Captain Balkarus is a veteran Jiralhanae officer of the Banished who once served directly under Atriox’s command accompanying his war chief on several critical missions. In recent years, he’s attempted to leverage this trusted standing to earn a place in the Bloodstars spec-ops group — a former Covenant combat team, appropriated by Atriox as an elite unit trained for the singular purpose of killing Spartans. Though he has yet to achieve this goal, Balkarus has distinguished himself among his fellow officers for his ferociousness in battle, and has been known to kill his own soldiers for the slightest demonstrations of hesitancy on the battlefield.

Balkarus is along the west side of the map. He’s a little west of FOB Charlie (and the Conservatory main story mission).

Balkarus carries the Riven Mangler (our favorite pistol).

9. En’Geddon

En’Geddon parted ways with the Covenant alongside both Atriox and Decimus, a mere foot soldier of the alien alliance until his service in the Banished unlocked his true potential. Upon returning his clan in Zomar, a major city on the Jiralhanae colony-moon of Teash, En’Geddon rallied those who had remained to join the Banished, forging his identity as their chieftain. And it was here, that this savage leader began to gain his destructive renown. Like other Banished leaders. En’Geddon led a distinctive subset of warriors, the Bulwark of Bone, gathering its own followers before coming to service of Atriox’s campaign. In the Banished, the chieftain proceeded to carve a violent path through dozens of human colonies, most notably Seaford and Vuryonos, large-scale raiding operations that left the worlds crippled in their wake.

You’ll find En’Geddon in the southwest of the map. He’s to the west of FOB Hotel.

You’ll earn the Rushdown Hammer for taking out En’Geddon.

10. Ik’novus the Devourer

One of the more experienced members of the Banished, Ik’novus was part of the Covenant attack on Jericho VIl that decimated several human cities with unyielding force. Serving under the Brute Chieftain known as Thrallslayer, Ik’novus soon became renown [sic] for his violent and bloodthirsty nature, including a particular penchant for eating the severed limbs of his opponents while they watched on in agony. Acquiring the title “Ik’novus the Devourer” throughout his own meteoric rise to Chieftain, the Jiralhanae warrior continued to lay waste to human settlements, even after breaking away from the Covenant. His pack, Warial’s Wrath, joined the Banished in 2550 and began to indiscriminately target any species or faction that stood in their way.

Ik’novus is located in the west-northwest of the map. Look for him in the mountains to the west of FOB Echo.

Ik’novus carries the Volatile Skewer.

11. Arthoc

The Jiralhanae champion known as Arthoc has wreaked havoc on UNSC operations for the better part of a decade. First serving under Korth the Wrender, part of the Brothers of Unending Ire, Arthoc led nearly four dozen individually documented assaults on colonial sites. The most notable was a vicious ambush on the colonv of Terceira that claimed the lives of three full ODST squads. Recent intelligence reports indicate that Arthoc joined the rest of the Brothers of Unending Ire in pledging allegiance to Atriox and the Banished. Their motives are currentlv unknown, but each member should be considered an extreme threat to any UNSC forces that might be in close proximity.

You’ll find Arthoc in the southeast of the map. Head to FOB November and you’ll find Arthoc at the west end of the lake.

You’ll pick up the Ravager Rebound for defeating him.

12. Writh Kul

Writh Kul was born in the Tower of Vet’nos on the asteroid of A’zhd, one of the only cities of this colony to remain unaffected by the constant threat of piracy. After the Great Schism, her name rose to prominence in Tartarus’s circle, largely due to her intellect and strategic wisdom of space warfare, which earned her the role of naval combat architect. Functioning in this capacity, Writh managed to take down over 185 UNSC capital ships, making her one of the most lethal Covenant assets in space. When the Covenant finally came to an end, however. Writh took her frigate Dagger of Mercy and its crew, and continued ransacking Forerunner relic sites and trading them in the burgeoning post-war, cross-species black market. Although lucrative, she desired to return to warfare and sought out Atriox, for placement in the Banished.

Writh Kul is high atop a mountainous island along the southern border of the map. You’ll need a flying vehicle to get there (which means you can’t bring any Marines along with you). The closest fast travel point is FOB Hotel.

Your reward for eliminating her is the Pinpoint Needler.

13. Skimmer Patrol

It didn’t take us long on this ring for the galaxy to throw some pretty significant curveballs at us. One of those new challenges has been the creatures we’re currently labeling as Skimmers, which appear to be an as-of-yet unencountered species, at least not as far as my clearance indicates. They’re working for — or perhaps with — the local Banished forces, but their armor configurations don’t seem to match the normal Banished aesthetic. We’ve encountered at least one small contingent of the Skimmers that seem to be a more lethally outfitted group. We’re not sure of their status in Banished hierarchy, but taking them out and gathering any intel we can — whether biological or strategic — wouldn’t hurt if the opportunity presents itself. — Spartan Hudson Griffin

Look for the Skimmer Patrol just southwest of the center of the map. Fast travel to FOB Juliet and head north up the mountain.

You’ll earn the Purging Shock Rifle for eliminating them.

14. Myriad

Recent reports on the Lekogolo species have revealed some rather interesting — and in some cases unsettling — observations, in particular related to the strain of combat-ready forms known as mgalekgolo, We’ve noticed a behavioral evolution in scattered instances trending towards a more individualized identity and intelligence, rather than simply an order-following hivemind. We encountered this in recent years with the Swarmlords that served alongside a dangerous independent faction of ex-Covenant evocati led by Ke ‘Nzahz, as well as classified reports of a bond-pair known simply as Colony. Our current attentions have turned towards a unified bond-pair called Myriad. Single-handedly responsible for the deaths of two S-IV fireteams, Myriad represents not only an immediate danger to UNSC forces, but also another dangerous precedent in the species’ evolution.

Easily the most difficult Target to eliminate, you’ll find the duo named Myriad along the southern part of the map. They’re about halfway between FOBs Juliet and Kilo.

When you take them out, you’ll earn the Backdraft Cindershot.

15. Ordo ‘Mal

During the Covenant War, Ordo ‘Mal was unequalled among Sangheili Wraith pilots, and was responsible for the deaths of at least 654 UNSC personnel. His deathtoll increased to over 1,200 in the years following, many of those taking place during the Banished raid on the EG colony of Palghanar. Unlike others, Ordo ‘Mal did not join the Banished until well after the Covenant’s collapse, in the wake of the Sangheli civil war. Returning to his native keep, he united a network of feudal raid lances under his aggressive and mercenary leadership before being directly approached by Atriox for service in the Banished. In the intervening years, Ordo ‘Mal found increasing favor with Escharum, Atriox’s right hand. This ascent earned him the title ‘Wraithmaster’ among the Banished. He remains one of the single most dangerous elements in their combat stratagem.

Ordo ‘Mal is in the south-southwest of the map, north of FOB Hotel.

Eliminating him earns you the Scatterbound Heatwave.