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Master Chief and the Weapon (Cortana) in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite guides

Find every Skull location, collectible, audio log, and more with our Halo Infinite maps

Halo Infinite brings an open-world to the franchise, and the wide vistas of Halo Zeta are full of collectibles like Skulls (including the notorious Black Eye Skull). Polygon’s Halo Infinite guides will help you find what you’re looking for and teach you about everything old and new.

Halo Infinite collectibles

Halo Infinite collectibles are everywhere, and we’re here to help you find them all. Start with our Foundation collectibles and Tower collectibles guides to collect every Forerunner Artifact, Mjolnir Armory, Halo Infinite Audio Log, Spartan Core, and Skulls.

Skull locations Halo Infinite

If you’re just looking for all Skulls, check out our Halo Infinite Skulls guide to find all 12 — including our Skull locations Halo Infinite map or zoom in to find some early and difficult Skulls with our Halo Infinite first Skull location (Warship Gbraakon) guide and our Halo Infinite Tower Skull guide.

Getting started

Start with our Halo Infinite beginner’s guide to understand what’s new (and old) about the latest entry in the series. Once you’ve settled in, check out our guide on upgrades and Spartan Cores to get the most out of your time as Master Chief.

As you explore the open terrain of Halo Zeta, use our guide to map icons and mission types to read Halo Infinite’s map. You’ll also want to keep an eye out for special enemies called Targets who drop special weapons when you defeat them. If you’re looking for cosmetics, keep an eye out for Mjolnir Armories, which unlock free multiplayer cosmetics like armor pieces.

One of the most important things to do while exploring the world of Halo Infinite is recapturing Foward Operating Bases (FOBs). These landmarks help you gain control of the map, gain resources, and summon companions to fight by your side. If you want to upgrade the capabilities of your FOBs, you’ll need to learn how to gain Valor, a special currency used in FOB upgrades.