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Halo Infinite guide: Mjolnir Armories and free multiplayer cosmetics

Collect every multiplayer cosmetic item

Mjolnir Armories – Halo Infinite guide Image: 343 Industries/Xbox Game Studios via Polygon
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

As you explore Halo Infinite’s Zeta Halo, there’s a lot to do beyond main story missions. Mjolnir Armories are UNSC lockers that contain cosmetic upgrades for your Halo Infinite multiplayer games.

In this Halo Infinite multiplayer cosmetics guide, we’ll tell you where to find every Mjolnir Armory location and the reward you’ll find there, including one or more MKVII Armor Coating, SNKr Coating, Armor Emblem, Weapon Emblem, Bulldog Coating, Ridgeback Coating, Nameplate, Weapon Charm, Stance, Battle Rifle Coating, Warthog Coating, Moongoose Coating, Assault Rifle Coating, Gungoose Coating, Rockethog Coating, Scorpion Coating, and Commando Rifle Coating.

Halo Infinite Mjolnir Armory Armor Lockers

A Warthog filled with UNSC Marines next to a Mjolnir Armory in Halo Infinite Image: 343 Industries/Xbox Game Studios via Polygon

Mjolnir Armories appear as smallish, yellow lockers with a holographic green UNSC logo floating above them. Approach it and open armor locker to collect your reward.

Mjolnir Armory map locations and rewards list

Halo Infinite is broken into regions that you’ll unlock as you progress through the main story missions. (The names are only visible when you open the missions menu by pressing Y on a controller on the map screen).

Mjolnir Armories – Halo Infinite guide
Halo Infinite named areas.
Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: 343 Industries/Xbox Game Studios via Polygon

There are 32 Armor Lockers to find across Zeta Halo. The locations and rewards for every one is listed in the table below.

Halo Infinite multiplayer cosmetics rewards

Armor set / Name Armor type Region
Armor set / Name Armor type Region
Crimson Vettel MKVII Armor Coating Connections
Warmaster’s Prize SNKr Coating Connections
Banished Deception MKVII Armor Coating Connections
Banished Armor Emblem Connections
Dogfight Makovich MKVII Armor Coating Connections
Banished Weapon Emblem Connections
Warmaster’s Prize Bulldog Coating Connections
Banished Deception Ridgeback Coating Connections
Infinity Nameplate Connections
Banished Weapon Charm Connections
Blood Shadow MKVII Armor Coating Connections
Wild Kovan MKVII Armor Coating Connections
Shadow Sorel MKVII Armor Coating Connections
Obelisk Stone MKVII Armor Coating Connections
Windfall Armor Emblem Lockdown
Midnight Griffin MKVII Armor Coating Lockdown
Scorpion Horvath MKVII Armor Coating Lockdown
Olympic Stance Lockdown
Warmaster’s Prize Battle Rifle Coating Graveyards
Banished Deception Warthog Coating Reformation
Banished Deception Moongoose Coating Reformation
Infinity Armor Emblem Reformation
Warmaster’s Prize Assault Rifle Coating Reformation
Windfall Nameplate Reformation
Banished Deception Gungoose Coating Reformation
Banished Deception Rockethog Coating Reformation
Banished Deception Scorpion Coating Reformation
Griffin Weapon Emblem Reformation
Griffin Armor Emblem Reformation
Warmaster’s Prize Commando Rifle Coating Reformation
Dogtags Weapon Charm Reformation
Griffin Nameplate Reformation