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Halo Infinite guide: Ransom Keep Halo Infinite sabotage repair bay guide

Sabotage repair bays in the Banished Outpost

Ransom Keep – Halo Infinite guide Image: 343 Industries/Xbox Game Studios via Polygon
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Halo Infinite’s Ransom Keep is one of seven Banished outposts to clear out, each of which earn you Valor. You’ll have to go through a few steps at each outpost, like “destroy the silos” or “sabotage repair bays,” to complete the mission.

In this Halo Infinite Ransom Keep guide, we’ll explain where to find the controls to lower the energy shield blocking you from the second repair bay in Ransom Keep.

Ransom Keep Halo Infinite

You’ll be close to Ransom Keep early in your exploration of Zeta Halo. It’s between (and a little south of) FOBs Golf and Foxtrot.

Sabotage repair bays

Your first task (aside from shooting aliens) when you arrive is to raise and destroy four silos. Once that’s done, you’ll get the “sabotage repair bays” objective. The first repair bay is easy to get to and sabotage. The second one is blocked by an energy shield.

Ransom Keep – Halo Infinite guide
Energy shield controls in Ransom Keep.
Image: 343 Industries/Xbox Game Studios via Polygon

It’s not immediately obvious where the shield controls are. While facing the shield, back away a few paces and ping your AI Scan (down on the D-pad). The power cell(?) you have to destroy is above you. If you keep to the left side of the hall, you can get an angle to shoot it from the ground. Otherwise, use your Grappleshot to zip up to the walkway.