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Halo Infinite guide: Tower Skull

Where to find The Tower Skull

Halo Infinite Boom Skull icon Image: 343 Industries/Xbox Game Studio via Polygon

In this Halo Infinite Tower Skull location guide, we’ll show you where to find the hidden Skull on top of the Tower. There are multiple ways to get to this hidden Skull, and we’ll cover two that worked for us. Unlocking this collectible will grant you the I Would Have Been Your Daddy (IWHBYD) Skull.

Halo Infinite the Tower Skull

There are two ways to get the Halo Infinite Tower Skull. One is easy, but it takes a long time. The other is difficult, but you can get it early in the game.

Halo Infinite guide: Skull locations
I Would Have Been Your Daddy Skull map location.
Image: 343 Industries/Xbox Game Studios via Polygon

Use a Wasp

The I Would Have Been Your Daddy (IWHBYD) Tower Skull is at the top of the Tower. One of the easiest ways to find this collectible is to grab a Wasp to fly on top of the structure. To access to this vehicle, you must unlock it first at a Forward Operating Base (FOB).

Once you’re in control of a Wasp, fly to the very top of the Tower. On top of the building is a platform with several black boxes scattered around. In the center of this platform is a red and silver chest with the I Would Have Been Your Daddy (IWHBYD) Skull right on top of it.

Use the Grappleshot

You can also get the Tower Skull if you have the Grappleshot’s Quickshot upgrade, which “Reduces Grappleshot cooldown by 40%.” It’s the second Grappleshot upgrade, and you’ll need two Spartan Cores to unlock it (not counting the first Spartan Core you have to spend on the first Grappleshot upgrade, Voltaic.)

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