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Halo Infinite guide: First skull location (Warship Gbraakon)

Where to find the first Skull in Halo Infinite’s Warship Gbraakon

Halo Infinite Boom Skull icon Image: 343 Industries/Xbox Game Studio via Polygon

In this Halo Infinite first Skull guide, we’ll show you where you can grab the game’s first Skull. This collectible is available in the story’s intro mission, Warship Gbraakon. Grabbing the Boom Skull during the first mission unlocks the ability to double the radius of an explosion.

Where to find the Halo Infinite first Skull

Halo Infinite’s first Skull is in the first mission. Keep in mind that if you don’t grab this collectible at the start of the game, you’ll have to start a new save file to collect it since you can’t replay missions at the moment.

Play through the mission as usual, pass the point where where you first exit the warship, reenter, and take an elevator up. Shoot your way through a few hallways until you reach an area where several Jackyls with shields run out in front of you. Defeat them, and proceed into the next room which contains the Skull.

Halo Infinite Boom Skull location.
Halo Infinite's first Skull is up here
Image: 343 Industries/Xbox Game Studio via Polygon

This two-tiered room is also filled with enemies, so take care of them before collecting the Skull. The object is located near the edge of a platform on the second floor of this room. Take a nearby elevator in the room to get to the second level and grab this skull.

Activating this Skull doubles the radius of explosions.