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News and reviews of new HBO Max movies, shows, and specials

The Matrix Resurrections, Home Team, and every new movie you can watch from home

Mortal Kombat movie earns a sequel, Moon Knight writer to pen script

10 great thrillers you can stream right now

Last Night in Soho, Warhunt, and every new movie you can stream at home this weekend

Young Justice: Phantoms is modeling the best path through temporary superhero death

11 vampire movies to fill that Morbius-shaped hole in your heart

Station Eleven found a silver lining in the post-apocalypse

Peacemaker’s Vigilante isn’t anything like the comics by design

Why Peacemaker sticks to a ‘mirrorball helmet,’ according to James Gunn

Search Party’s creators explain 2022’s first bonkers TV twist

Who’s behind Peacemaker’s Butterflies?

James Gunn wants to ‘vanquish the skip’ intro button with Peacemaker’s musical opening credits

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Superman & Lois made the Man of Steel’s messiest story beautiful

How season 1 of the show secretly reinvented a ’90s comics plot for today

8 satirical horror comedies to put you in the mood for the new Scream

Search Party season 5 is happier, wilder than ever

Harry Potter’s Return to Hogwarts special isn’t about nostalgia — it’s about rebranding

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Matrix Resurrections, Black Widow piracy shows the limit of the straight-to-streaming blockbuster

Peacemaker threads the needle with its edgelord humor

The best things we caught up with before 2022

12 best movies new to streaming to watch in January 2022

Red Snow and every new movie you can watch at home this weekend

The Matrix Resurrections is not a sequel — it’s a video game remake

This is a safe space to talk Matrix Resurrections spoilers

HBO Max offers first look at Westworld season 4, Barry, and the 2022 release slate

The astonishing, angry Matrix Resurrections deals with what’s real in a world where nothing is

Harry Potter cast members reunite in the first trailer for the 20th anniversary special

OK it’s time to watch some Christmas movies

Dear Evan Hansen, The Unforgivable, and every new movie you can stream at home this weekend

First look at HBO’s Harry Potter reunion brings the Golden Trio back to Hogwarts

Colin Farrell to return as The Penguin in HBO Max spinoff series

The final Matrix Resurrections trailer uncovers Neo’s new destiny

Brotherhood of the Wolf and 10 more great movies new to streaming this month