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The history of Saturday Night Nickelodeon

SNICK: a favorite across generations

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A photo of the cast of All That
The cast of All That.

We may no longer spend hours on end watching Nickelodeon, but we absolutely did throughout our childhoods. And this week on The History of Fun, we fondly recall not only wasting afternoons away with classic cartoons, but also our Saturday nights.

Saturday Night Nickelodeon — or SNICK, as expert Chris Plante reminds us — was a unique introduction to the world of late-night TV for us youths. Maybe you’re an old person like Plante and Russ, and your Nick touchstones include the bizarro variety show Roundhouse; or maybe you grew up loving The Amanda Show, a legitimately great sketch comedy series. (I’ll fight y’all, Plante and Russ.) No matter which generation you belong to, you probably watched SNICK and had your own favorites you think back on fondly.

But seriously: The Amanda Show owns. Listen below for more memories.

Special thanks to everyone who participated in our segment, Reader Only Memories, wherein we share listener stories about the topic at hand. Here is the full thread of responses:

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