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Hitman 3 Dartmoor Shortcuts Maintenance Ladder 2

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Hitman 3 shortcuts guide and crowbar locations

Find every persistent shortcut in Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin, Chongqing, Mendoza, and the Carpathian Mountains

Image: IO Interactive via Polygon

With Hitman 3, IO Interactive didn’t try to fix something that wasn’t broken. The most significant change in this game: shortcuts.

Open a certain door, and it will stay open for the rest of your time with Hitman 3. Kick down a certain ladder, and forever after you can skip straight to the third floor. Permanent, persistent shortcuts open up new routes and help to keep each level fresh.

But you’ve got to find ‘em all first.

In this Hitman 3 shortcuts guide, we’ll show you how to find the location every shortcut in each of Hitman 3’s six maps: Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin, Chongqing, Mendoza, and Carpathian Mountains. For the levels where those shortcuts require a crowbar to activate, we’ve included their locations, too.

Table of contents

Dubai shortcuts and crowbar maps and locations

You’ll need an item to open the shortcuts in Dubai, so we’ll start by showing you the map locations of four crowbars.

Dubai crowbar locations

  1. In the Staff Hallways on Level 2, you can find a crowbar leaning against the scaffolding near the door where Marcus Stuyvesant and his bodyguard emerge to speak with the crew member about his issue with the art installation.
  2. Stay on Level 2 and you can find another crowbar, this time in the locked portion of the Security Room on the east side of the map. You will need to grab the Security Key from a desk in the larger room adjacent to this one to access it. Once inside, the crowbar is sitting on top of the red toolbox.
  3. You can find another crowbar on Level 3 in the Control Room to the left of the control desk.
  4. Finally, you can find a crowbar in the Ventilation Area on Level 4, atop the machine that the maintenance worker leans on.

Penthouse terrace ladder shortcut

On Level 4, head into the Courtyard, the massive open chamber with glass walls that look out onto the clouds. Walk to the northeast side, and take the glass doors out onto a balcony, where a small driving range is set up. To the right, find the ladder, and use your crowbar to unlock the Penthouse Terrace Ladder Shortcut.

Ventilation area ladder shortcut

Head up to Level 4 — a penthouse guard uniform goes a long way in reaching the higher levels — and find the study in the southeast portion of the map. The door to the ventilation area is camouflaged into the wall pretty effectively, and you may not see it at first. Once you find it, head into the ventilation area, look to your right to find the ladder, and use your crowbar to unlock the ventilation area ladder shortcut.

Atrium lobby door shortcut

In the atrium on Level 0, enter the bathroom to the right of the entrance. Knock out the bathroom attendant to claim the Burj Al-Ghazali staff keycard. Use it on the double doors to continue into the maintenance area. Follow the stairs down to the locked door on Level -1. Open it to unlock the atrium lobby door shortcut.

Helipad ladder shortcut

On Level 2, head to the southeast side of the map, adjacent to the balcony bar, the security room, and the art gallery, where you will find swinging blocks suspended over the side of the building and a ladder.

Take the ladder to the next floor up, Level 3, where you’ll find the helicopter pilot and a pair of penthouse guards.

Sneak past them toward the door leading back into the building. Break the lock on the ladder next to the door to open the helipad ladder shortcut.

Dartmoor shortcuts and crowbar locations

You’ll need an item to open the shortcuts in Dartmoor, so we’ll start by showing you the map locations of five crowbars.

There are three crowbars in Dartmoor:

  1. One is sitting on the crate of wine bottles by the green van to the east of the manor on Level 0.
  2. A second is also on Level 0, north of the greenhouse, sitting on some boxes near the gardener who expresses his doubts about Zachary’s suicide.
  3. The third crowbar is in the graveyard, Level 0, in the west of the map, on top of a crate.

Balcony ladder shortcut

The Balcony Ladder Shortcut is in the northeast corner of Thornbridge Manor, on the balcony outside Zachary’s Room on Level 1. There are a few options to access the room. Steal a Bodyguard costume, and you can walk into Zachary’s Room with no trouble from the guards stationed outside it. But, if you pursue the Means, Motive And Opportunity Mission Story, and speak to Mr. Fernsby while wearing Detective Witmer’s clothes, the butler will lead you straight to Zachary’s Room.

Maintenance ladder shortcut

The Maintenance Ladder Shortcut is tricky to find if you don’t know what to look for. To access it, head to Alexa Carlisle’s Office on Level 2, which you can find by exiting Zachary’s Room, heading right and then taking an immediate left up the staircase. To get past the guard, you will need to steal a Bodyguard outfit. The guard watching the door to Alexa Carlisle’s Office will recognize you, so hide outside of his line-of-sight and chuck a Coin to distract him. Once inside, begin to walk up the stairs. Hug the wall and a prompt will appear that says: “Hang.” Boost up, and shimmy along the wall to your left. Climb through the open window to reach Level 3, then use the crowbar to open the Maintenance Ladder Shortcut.

Berlin shortcuts and crowbar locations

You’ll need an item to open the shortcuts in Berlin, so we’ll start by showing you the map locations of five crowbars.

Berlin crowbar locations

  1. On Level -1, find a crowbar on the west side of the club in the pipe room, north of the projection bar. It’s sitting on a black case near the catwalk where Agent Banner leans on the railing.
  2. You can find another on Level 0, to the southwest of the back entrance and to the northwest of the red toilet. The crowbar is laying on a red concrete trough that runs north and south along the graffiti-covered shipping crates.
  3. In the biker hideout, head to Level 1. There’s a crowbar just outside the grow house, on a wooden crate to the room’s southeast.
  4. Another crowbar can be scavenged on Level 1, near the metal stairs that you can take to reach the roof. The crowbar is nestled inside a ventilation unit immediately south of the bathtub with graffiti on it.
  5. Go a level higher and head north past the patrolling target and bag of bricks, and you can find a crowbar amid the garbage and graffiti next to the metal staircase on Level 2.

Entrance backdoor shortcut

The entrance backdoor shortcut is visible at the club’s southeast exterior on Level 0, marked by a barred door lodged in a graffiti-covered wall.

To access it, enter the club and head toward the entrance where you saw a long line of people entering the building, on the southwest side. You should see a man frisking customers and a woman handing out stickers. From here, follow the black-and-white checkered hallway until you see a Staff Only sign on the right. Walk past it, and open the door to unlock the permanent Entrance Backdoor Shortcut.

Skylight ladder shortcut

From the entrance backdoor shortcut (above), turn around, head up the stairs and through the door. Turn right and use the pile of plywood to boost up, bypassing the guard.

It’s likely that the guard at the top of the stairs won’t allow you to pass, so throw a coin to distract one of the guards and/or take their disguise.

Once you reach the rooftop, avoid the ICA agent and look for an open skylight on the left. Drop down through it and use a crowbar to drop the ladder, unlocking the skylight ladder shortcut.

Biker basement door shortcut

Head to the north end of the chill out, and then head to the left to find a guy in a red hoodie discussing a drug deal among shipping crates.

Climb up on the furthest shipping crate, and walk along it to see the backside of the juice bar on your right and the biker hangout on your left. Toss a coin to distract the Juice Bar workers, and sneak into the Biker Hangout.

Head up the concrete stairs on the right to reach Level 1, and choke out the lone biker for a helpful disguise. Exit onto the balcony on the south side overlooking the party, and follow it as far west as it goes.

Reenter through the door, and take the stairs down until you spot a lone door on Level 0. Open it to unlock the biker basement door shortcut.

Chongqing shortcuts and crowbar maps and locations

You’ll need an item to open the shortcuts in Chongqing, so we’ll start by showing you the map locations of four crowbars.

Chongqing crowbar locations

  1. At the entrance to The Block, head into the room to the left of the guards and head down the stairs to find a crowbar sitting atop a black tarp draped over a box on Level 0.
  2. On Level 1, find a crowbar leaning against a dumpster in the inner courtyard, immediately to the right after passing by the guards.
  3. Also on Level 1, northwest of Onelectrics Store, find three homeless people having a conversation around a burn barrel. There’s a crowbar next to them.
  4. Inside The Block on Level 3, find a crowbar, sitting on a box, in the north of the Derelict Apartments.

Facility elevator shaft shortcut

During our playthrough and based our research, the names and unlocks for the facility elevator shaft shortcut and the inner courtyard shortcut appear to be swapped. So, to unlock the facility elevator shortcut, follow the road that runs through the center of the block until you reach the corner where a homeless man is telling his friends that he wants to go sign up at The Block.

Turn right, and head away from the homeless people and down an alley. On the right, you’ll see two guards. Run straight past them and down the next alley. Look to your left to find a locked door. Open it to unlock the facility elevator shaft shortcut.

Inner courtyard shortcut

To unlock the inner courtyard shortcut, use the passcode 0118 to open the shipping crate and enter the ICA Data Center facility.

Follow the gray line to the wide open area on Level 1, and turn left to enter the server room. Use your camera to hack the vent and climb through to the window to enter the Tier 1 security room.

Sneak past the guards and enter the room on your left.

Open the elevator door, drop down and climb up the pipe to reach Level 2, hang on the grate and shimmy over to the door. Exit through the vent using your camera and open the door on your left to unlock the inner courtyard shortcut.

The block ladder shortcut

The most efficient way to access The Block ladder shortcut is to disguise yourself as a homeless person and enter through the front door.

You can find a group of homeless people at a small garbage-strewn park on Level -3 in the center of the map. Knock someone sleeping on the bench out, and grab his clothes.

From there, head east to The Block. Allow yourself to be frisked, and follow the guard upstairs to Level 2.

Once inside the room where the scientist is speaking to a homeless volunteer, wait until no one is looking at you, hop out the window and follow the balcony south to find a ladder built into the corner of the wall.

Use your crowbar to break the lock, unlocking The Block ladder shortcut.

Mendoza shortcuts, maps, and locations

You won’t need a crowbar to open any of the Mendoza shortcuts.

Backdoor shortcut

The Backdoor shortcut is located at the southern edge of the backside path, which runs along the east edge of Level 2.

To reach it, head to the production room (the room with the big mulcher), and take the stairs north. Sneak through the locker room and enter the room with the massive barrels of wine. The barrel on the right is actually a door. Interact with the tap to open it, and then head up another flight of stairs.

Avoid the guards and proceed down the hallway to the right, where you will need to duck around another guard. Exit the door at the end of the hallway and walk right down the dirt path to reach the Backdoor shortcut.

Maintenance door shortcut

On Level 2, sneak around the two guards standing at a balcony in the secret tunnel and take the spiral staircase built into the cave to climb up to Level 3, where you will find the villa basement.

The maintenance door shortcut is one of two shortcuts branching off of the wine cellar in the villa basement on Level 3. Once inside the villa basement, the maintenance door is on the south side.

Cellar door shortcut

Follow the steps above to find the Maintenance Door. From there, move past the large, wooden table diagonally to find and unlock the Cellar Door Shortcut in the northeast corner of the Villa Basement.

Carpathian Mountains shortcut locations

You won’t need a crowbar to open any of the Carpathian Mountains shortcuts.

Passenger car door shortcut

After moving past the section with three stacks of lumber, you’ll arrive at a car with a workbench where you can craft a silenced pistol. The next room is a passenger car. Once inside, you look for a door with the telltale yellow bars. Ignore it for now, and move onto the next car.

Climb through the first available window on the left and double back along the ledge until you come to a patch with no ice. Boost up and continue in the same direction, now on top of the train. When you hit the next section without ice, drop down and enter through the window. You will find a pair of guns and the passenger car door shortcut.

Container door shortcut

After passing through a car with computers, ammo and a frag grenade, you’ll open the door to see a green shipping container with a yellow barred door. Climb over the container and keep moving past a guard.

If you have a lock pick or crowbar, pick the lock to enter the next car and grab the yellow valve. If you don’t, climb over the container, then double back through it and grab the yellow valve.

With the valve in hand, head back to find the backside of the container with the yellow barred door. Set the valve in place, and turn it to open the container. Enter and open the yellow barred door to open the container door shortcut.