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All-Seeing Eyes Hitman 3 Chongqing guide and walkthrough

Complete the drone Mission Story in “End Of An Era”

All-Seeing Eyes Hitman 3 Chongqing guide and walkthrough Image: IO Interactive via Polygon
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“All-Seeing Eyes” is a Mission Story in Hitman 3’s “End of an Era” Mission. In Chongqing, China, Agent 47 must shoot down Imogen Royce’s drones with a sniper rifle in Yuzhong Square.

Along the way, we’ll help you earn the Big Sister Challenge.

In this Hitman 3 guide, we’ll walk you through every step you’ll need to take. Below, we’ve got maps showing where to start, important items to find, where every clue is, and every location you’ll need to visit.

One down, several to go.

So, one of Imogen Royce’s drones is down. If you find and scan it, maybe I can get something useful out of its chip.

Hitman 3 All-Seeing Eyes guide

Mission Story Reveal

To pick up this Mission Story, you’ll need to make your way to the Glorious Leap Sign on Level 5. From the Train Station, follow the walkway to its end. Take the stairs ahead of you up to Yuzhong Square.

Directly ahead of you across the street, head into the apartment building. Take the stairs inside up to the roof.

On the roof, head to the northwest corner, and vault the wall. Cross to the other building and follow the balcony to the left. At the end, vault the railing, and use the pipe to climb up to the next roof.

Hitman 3 End Of An Era All-Seeing Eyes Mission Story walkthrough
Watch for a street guard when you reach the roof. You’ll need his sniper rifle.
Image: IO Interactive via Polygon

Stay crouched at the top since you’re trespassing now. Head to the left. There’s a brick near one of the A/C units. Grab that, and use it to knock out the street guard in the corner. There’s a crate to the west to stash him in. Pick up his sniper rifle — you’ll need that in a second. (While you’re here, head to the northwest corner of this roof, under the stairs, to find a crowbar — you don’t need it, but they’re always good to have.)

Take the stairs to the north, or the pipe next to the crate, all the way up to the Glorious Leap Sign.

Hitman 3 End Of An Era All-Seeing Eyes Mission Story walkthrough Image: IO Interactive via Polygon

You’ll spot a crashed drone and pick up the “All-Seeing Eyes” Mission story.

Hack the drone using your camera // Find a sniper rifle

Pull out your camera and point it at the drone to hack it. You’ve already got the sniper rifle.

Shoot down a drone // Shoot more drones // Shoot the remaining drones

Hitman 3 End Of An Era All-Seeing Eyes Mission Story walkthrough
Wait for the drone to pause before you shoot.
Image: IO Interactive via Polygon

Your next task is to shoot down a drone, followed by the rest of them — there’s a total of five. From your vantage point under the Glorious Leap sign, face east-southeast and look across to the Southeastern Rooftop area.

Your sniper rifle scope has zoom capability, so hit up on the D-pad a couple of times to zoom in. Wait for each drone to finish its left-right patrol pattern so it’s not moving when you fire.

Once you shoot down five drones, you’ll pick up the Big Sister Feat Challenge.

Listen in on Royce // Avoid guard patrols

Hitman 3 End Of An Era All-Seeing Eyes Mission Story walkthrough Image: IO Interactive via Polygon

When the last drone drops, you’ll overhear another call from Royce. She’ll deploy guards to your roof.

Hang off the roof over by the crashed drone and wait out the guard patrol that shows up. When one steps over into the gap where you’re hiding, attack him and toss him over the edge. When the guards are gone, resume your perch by the sign.

Shoot the drones near the block // Listen in on Royce

Take out the two new drones that show up — they’re in roughly the same area as the ones before. If you have trouble spotting them, just look for their telltale green scanning lights.

Wait for the meetup at the Lotus Passage

Hitman 3 End Of An Era All-Seeing Eyes Mission Story walkthrough
You can eliminate both targets after their meeting.
Image: IO Interactive via Polygon

After the phone call, both Royce and Hush will arrange to meet at the Lotus Passage. That will complete the “All-Seeing Eyes” Mission Story.

You’ve got a sniper rifle and two targets about to be in the open, so …

The Lotus Passage is directly ahead of you on the far side of the map — look for the neon lotus sign. Your sniper rifle will let you zoom in enough to spot your quarry (quarries?).

Listen to their argument, and take them out.

The next level of puzzles.

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