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Hitman 3 Dubai shortcuts and crowbars guide

Maps and locations for every Dubai shortcut (and crowbars)

Hitman 3 Dubai Helipad Ladder shortcut map location Image: IO Interactive via Polygon

In this Hitman 3 Dubai shortcuts guide, we’ll show you how to find the location every shortcut, doors and ladders included. You’ll need a crowbar to open Dubai shortcuts, so we’ll start with their map locations.

Dubai crowbar maps and locations

Before you unlock a ladder, you'll need a crowbar. Here are map locations of four crowbars in Dubai.

Dubai crowbar locations

  1. In the Staff Hallways on Level 2, you can find a crowbar leaning against the scaffolding near the door where Marcus Stuyvesant and his bodyguard emerge to speak with the crew member about his issue with the art installation.
  2. Stay on Level 2 and you can find another crowbar, this time in the locked portion of the Security Room on the east side of the map. You will need to grab the Security Key from a desk in the larger room adjacent to this one to access it. Once inside, the crowbar is sitting on top of the red toolbox.
  3. You can find another crowbar on Level 3 in the Control Room to the left of the control desk.
  4. Finally, you can find a crowbar in the Ventilation Area on Level 4, atop the machine that the maintenance worker leans on.

Dubai shortcut maps and locations

There are four shortcuts in Dubai. Here’s how to find them.

Penthouse terrace ladder shortcut

On Level 4, head into the Courtyard, the massive open chamber with glass walls that look out onto the clouds. Walk to the northeast side, and take the glass doors out onto a balcony, where a small driving range is set up. To the right, find the ladder, and use your crowbar to unlock the Penthouse Terrace Ladder Shortcut.

Ventilation area ladder shortcut

Head up to Level 4 — a penthouse guard uniform goes a long way in reaching the higher levels — and find the study in the southeast portion of the map. The door to the ventilation area is camouflaged into the wall pretty effectively, and you may not see it at first. Once you find it, head into the ventilation area, look to your right to find the ladder, and use your crowbar to unlock the ventilation area ladder shortcut.

Atrium lobby door shortcut

In the atrium on Level 0, enter the bathroom to the right of the entrance. Knock out the bathroom attendant to claim the Burj Al-Ghazali staff keycard. Use it on the double doors to continue into the maintenance area. Follow the stairs down to the locked door on Level -1. Open it to unlock the atrium lobby door shortcut.

Helipad ladder shortcut

On Level 2, head to the southeast side of the map, adjacent to the balcony bar, the security room, and the art gallery, where you will find swinging blocks suspended over the side of the building and a ladder.

Take the ladder to the next floor up, Level 3, where you’ll find the helicopter pilot and a pair of penthouse guards.

Sneak past them toward the door leading back into the building. Break the lock on the ladder next to the door to open the helipad ladder shortcut.

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