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Hitman 3 Berlin shortcuts and crowbars guide

Maps and locations for every Berlin shortcut (and crowbars)

Hitman 3 Berlin Shortcuts Biker Basement Door Image: IO Interactive via Polygon

In this Hitman 3 Berlin shortcuts guide, we’ll show you how to find the location every shortcut, doors and ladders included. You’ll need a crowbar to open Berlin shortcuts, so we’ll start with their map locations.

Berlin crowbar maps and locations

Before you unlock a ladder, you’ll need a crowbar. Here are map locations of five crowbars in Berlin.

Berlin crowbar locations

  1. On Level -1, find a crowbar on the west side of the club in the pipe room, north of the projection bar. It’s sitting on a black case near the catwalk where Agent Banner leans on the railing.
  2. You can find another on Level 0, to the southwest of the back entrance and to the northwest of the red toilet. The crowbar is laying on a red concrete trough that runs north and south along the graffiti-covered shipping crates.
  3. In the biker hideout, head to Level 1. There’s a crowbar just outside the grow house, on a wooden crate to the room’s southeast.
  4. Another crowbar can be scavenged on Level 1, near the metal stairs that you can take to reach the roof. The crowbar is nestled inside a ventilation unit immediately south of the bathtub with graffiti on it.
  5. Go a level higher and head north past the patrolling target and bag of bricks, and you can find a crowbar amid the garbage and graffiti next to the metal staircase on Level 2.

Berlin shortcut maps and locations

Before you unlock a ladder, you’ll need a crowbar. Here are map locations of three crowbars in Berlin.

Entrance backdoor shortcut

The entrance backdoor shortcut is visible at the club’s southeast exterior on Level 0, marked by a barred door lodged in a graffiti-covered wall.

To access it, enter the club and head toward the entrance where you saw a long line of people entering the building, on the southwest side. You should see a man frisking customers and a woman handing out stickers. From here, follow the black-and-white checkered hallway until you see a Staff Only sign on the right. Walk past it, and open the door to unlock the permanent Entrance Backdoor Shortcut.

Skylight ladder shortcut

From the entrance backdoor shortcut (above), turn around, head up the stairs and through the door. Turn right and use the pile of plywood to boost up, bypassing the guard.

It’s likely that the guard at the top of the stairs won’t allow you to pass, so throw a coin to distract one of the guards and/or take their disguise.

Once you reach the rooftop, avoid the ICA agent and look for an open skylight on the left. Drop down through it and use a crowbar to drop the ladder, unlocking the skylight ladder shortcut.

Biker basement door shortcut

Head to the north end of the chill out, and then head to the left to find a guy in a red hoodie discussing a drug deal among shipping crates.

Climb up on the furthest shipping crate, and walk along it to see the backside of the juice bar on your right and the biker hangout on your left. Toss a coin to distract the Juice Bar workers, and sneak into the Biker Hangout.

Head up the concrete stairs on the right to reach Level 1, and choke out the lone biker for a helpful disguise. Exit onto the balcony on the south side overlooking the party, and follow it as far west as it goes.

Reenter through the door, and take the stairs down until you spot a lone door on Level 0. Open it to unlock the biker basement door shortcut.

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