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Hitman 3 Chongqing shortcuts and crowbars guide

Maps and locations for every Chongqing shortcut (and crowbars)

Hitman 3 Chongqing Shortcuts Inner Courtyard maps and locations Image: IO Interactive via Polygon

In this Hitman 3 Chongqing shortcuts guide, we’ll show you how to find the location every shortcut, doors and ladders included. You’ll need a crowbar to open Chongqing shortcuts, so we’ll start with their map locations.

Chongqing crowbar maps and locations

Before you unlock a ladder, you’ll need a crowbar. Here are map locations of four crowbars in Chongqing.

  1. At the entrance to The Block, head into the room to the left of the guards and head down the stairs to find a crowbar sitting atop a black tarp draped over a box on Level 0.
  2. On Level 1, find a crowbar leaning against a dumpster in the inner courtyard, immediately to the right after passing by the guards.
  3. Also on Level 1, northwest of Onelectrics Store, find three homeless people having a conversation around a burn barrel. There’s a crowbar next to them.
  4. Inside The Block on Level 3, find a crowbar, sitting on a box, in the north of the Derelict Apartments.

Chongqing shortcuts maps and locations

There are three shortcuts in Chongqing. Here’s how to find them.

Facility elevator shaft shortcut

During our playthrough and based our research, the names and unlocks for the facility elevator shaft shortcut and the inner courtyard shortcut appear to be swapped. So, to unlock the facility elevator shortcut, follow the road that runs through the center of the block until you reach the corner where a homeless man is telling his friends that he wants to go sign up at The Block.

Turn right, and head away from the homeless people and down an alley. On the right, you’ll see two guards. Run straight past them and down the next alley. Look to your left to find a locked door. Open it to unlock the facility elevator shaft shortcut.

Inner courtyard shortcut

To unlock the inner courtyard shortcut, use the passcode 0118 to open the shipping crate and enter the ICA Data Center facility.

Follow the gray line to the wide open area on Level 1, and turn left to enter the server room. Use your camera to hack the vent and climb through to the window to enter the Tier 1 security room.

Sneak past the guards and enter the room on your left.

Open the elevator door, drop down and climb up the pipe to reach Level 2, hang on the grate and shimmy over to the door. Exit through the vent using your camera and open the door on your left to unlock the inner courtyard shortcut.

The block ladder shortcut

The most efficient way to access The Block ladder shortcut is to disguise yourself as a homeless person and enter through the front door.

You can find a group of homeless people at a small garbage-strewn park on Level -3 in the center of the map. Knock someone sleeping on the bench out, and grab his clothes.

From there, head east to The Block. Allow yourself to be frisked, and follow the guard upstairs to Level 2.

Once inside the room where the scientist is speaking to a homeless volunteer, wait until no one is looking at you, hop out the window and follow the balcony south to find a ladder built into the corner of the wall.

Use your crowbar to break the lock, unlocking The Block ladder shortcut.

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