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Hitman 3 Mendoza shortcuts guide

Maps and locations for every Mendoza shortcut

Hitman 3 Mendoza Shortcuts Backdoor maps and locations Image: IO Interactive via Polygon

In this Hitman 3 Mendoza shortcuts guide, we’ll show you how to find the location every shortcut. You won’t need a crowbar to open any of the Mendoza shortcuts.

Backdoor shortcut

The Backdoor shortcut is located at the southern edge of the backside path, which runs along the east edge of Level 2.

To reach it, head to the production room (the room with the big mulcher), and take the stairs north. Sneak through the locker room and enter the room with the massive barrels of wine. The barrel on the right is actually a door. Interact with the tap to open it, and then head up another flight of stairs.

Avoid the guards and proceed down the hallway to the right, where you will need to duck around another guard. Exit the door at the end of the hallway and walk right down the dirt path to reach the Backdoor shortcut.

Maintenance door shortcut

On Level 2, sneak around the two guards standing at a balcony in the secret tunnel and take the spiral staircase built into the cave to climb up to Level 3, where you will find the villa basement.

The maintenance door shortcut is one of two shortcuts branching off of the wine cellar in the villa basement on Level 3. Once inside the villa basement, the maintenance door is on the south side.

Cellar door shortcut

Follow the steps above to find the Maintenance Door. From there, move past the large, wooden table diagonally to find and unlock the Cellar Door Shortcut in the northeast corner of the Villa Basement.

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