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How to solve the Arithmancy door puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

Math? In Hogwarts?

Door with triangles and numbers on its face in Hogwarts Legacy. The door is also surrounded in gold images of magical beasts. Image: Avalanche Software/Warner Bros. Games

Soon after you exit your common rooms in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll encounter locked doors surrounded in golden images of magical beasts. When you try to open the door, two triangles appear on the door face. Some have numbers, some corners have a picture of a beast, and the last corner has a question mark. Continue reading to find out what beasts should take over the last corner, and how to solve the Arithmancy door puzzles.

How to open Arithmancy doors in Hogwarts Legacy

The arithmancy door puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy can be opened by solving a simple math problem. Each of the magical beasts around the door is associated with a number. You can guess the number based on the images themselves. For example, the unicorn having one horn is one and the spider has eight legs so it is eight. However, the trickiest part that seems to stump many players is that the numbers start from zero.

To unlock the door, you’ll have to find the two missing numbers in their triangles. Simply add the two numbers together and subtract the sum from the number in the center of the triangle. The resulting number will be associated with a magical beast that you’ll have to input into triangles around the door. If you’re unsure of what number the magical beasts represent, check the image below to see what magical beasts are associated with what number.

If you’re still having trouble with unlocking the door puzzles, follow along an example of an arithmancy door puzzle that can be found in the Central Hall.

  1. Reveal the triangles on the door by interacting with it.
  2. Add the two numbers on the corners of the triangle together. In the case of the image above, it would be 11 + 2 = 13 for the top triangle and 5 + 9 = 14 for the bottom triangle.
  3. Subtract the number inside the triangle by the sum of the two numbers from the step before. In this case, it would be 21 - 13 = 8 for the top triangle and 17 - 14 = 3 for the bottom triangle.
  4. Find the magical beast associated with those numbers, which is the spider for the top triangle and the three-headed snake.
  5. Search for nearby triangles on the wall that are labeled with “?” and “??”. If you’re having a hard time finding the triangles, use revelio near the Arithmancy door, and look around to see highlighted triangles on the wall.
  6. Input the magical beasts from step four on their respective triangles. For the image above, the triangle with a “?” would be the spider and the triangle with a “??” would be the three-headed snake.
  7. Interact with the door again to unlock it, and open the chests inside to collect your rewards.

Now you’ve mastered these doors, other obstacles we can help with are eye chests, picking locks with Alohomora, and finding all of the Demiguise statues.

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