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Horizon Forbidden West guide: Fast Travel

Warp between Campfires with or without Fast Travel Packs

Horizon Forbidden West guide: Fast Travel Image: Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon
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In this Horizon Forbidden West Fast Travel guide, we’ll explain how to travel to or between Campfires and the item you’ll need to do it.

Horizon Forbidden West Fast Travel is straightforward enough, but has a couple of nuances that take a minute to understand. Fast Travel in Horizon Forbidden West moves you to Campfires that you’ve previously visited. Sometimes this costs you a Fast Travel Pack item, but not always.

Horizon Forbidden West Fast Travel

You need to have visited a Campfire to unlock it as a Fast Travel destination. You don’t have to save at the Campfire, but you do have to get close enough that you might as well save anyway. There are a ton of Campfires throughout Horizon Forbidden West’s world, and it’s worth unlocking any you come across, just to make zipping back and forth across the map easier.

At (almost) any point while you’re exploring the world, you can open your map, hover over an unlocked Campfire, and hold down the right trigger to warp there. (Fast Travel is disabled while you’re in Quests or Cauldrons, or while you’re falling or gliding.) Fast Traveling this way costs you one Fast Travel Pack.

If you’re already at a Campfire, you can hit Circle to Fast Travel for free. That will take you to the map, where you’ll be able to select another Campfire to travel to. This does not consume a Fast Travel Pack — it’s free.

One quick note: If you’re zoomed out on the map, you can often select just the Settlement icon instead of zooming all the way in to the Campfire itself, but this works the same way as just selecting the Campfire.

Getting More Fast Travel Packs

There are two ways to get more Fast Travel Packs: buying them from Traders or making them yourself. Almost every Hunter (weapons vendor) you come across will sell you a Fast Travel Pack for 25 Shards.

Horizon Forbidden West guide: Fast Travel
Crafting Fast Travel Packs.
Image: Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

That’s not cheap, though, so it’s often better to make your own. Use left or right on the D-pad to select the Fast Travel Pack, and then hold down on the D-pad. This opens up a crafting menu.

Crafting a Fast Travel Pack requires 10 Ridge-Wood and 3 Wild Meat. You’ll find Ridge-Wood pretty much everywhere, but you’ll have to hunt Wildlife for the Wild Meat. You’ll loot it from animals like Wild Boars or Peccaries.

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