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Horizon Forbidden West guide: Signal tower, signal lens locations

Find every signal lens during the “Signals of the Sun” Errand Quest

Aloy smiling in Horizon Forbidden West as she stands atop a Carja signal tower, in front of a signal device, which holds the lens of dawn signal lens. Image: Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Horizon Forbidden West has six signal towers, each with a signal lens in every signal device, scattered across The Daunt, the first open-world area that you can explore. In this Horizon Forbidden West guide, we’ll show you the location of every signal tower and signal lens — the Lens of Afternoon, Lens of Dawn, Lens of Evening, Lens of Midday, Lens of Morning, and the Lens of Twilight.

These Carja signal towers are part of the “Signals of the Sun” Errand Quest, which we learned, oh, probably five hours and three towers after we discovered our first. You don’t need to activate the quest to find the signal towers, but you do need to activate it to earn rewards.

Signals of the Sun Errand Quest signal tower locations

A Horizon Forbidden West map showing a ? and labeled Unknown, which is location of the “Signals of the Sun” Errand Quest, north of Barren Light
This is where the “Signals of the Sun” Errand Quest begins. (Barren Light is just out of frame at the bottom of the map.)
Image: Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

You’ll first meet Maleev, a real jerk of a soldier, who’s dragging a body almost directly north of Barren Light. Speak to him, and then climb the nearby mountain — passing an Anomalous Growth along the way, which shows up as Blocked Path (Missing Tool Needed) on your map — in search of the dragged man’s companion. After a confrontation with some machines, you’ll meet Raynah. And after that conversation, the signal tower locations appear on your map.

There are six signal towers in Horizon Forbidden West. You can figure out which one(s) you’re missing in the Notebook > Collectibles > Signal Lenses menu.

Horizon Forbidden West signal lenses

Name Location
Name Location
Lens of Midday Signal tower east of Chainscrape.
Lens of Afternoon Signal tower that you visit during “The Twilight Path” Side Quest, southwest of Chainscrape.
Lens of Twilight Signal tower east of Barren Light.
Lens of Evening Signal tower north of Barren Light.
Lens of Dawn Signal tower at the northeast end of The Daunt.
Lens of Morning Signal tower northeast of Chainscrape.
Horizon Forbiden West Signal Lens locations map Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

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