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Horizon Forbidden West guide: Relic Ruins The Daunt walkthrough

Get the key and the code

Aloy stands in front of an open door in Relic Ruins The Daunt in Horizon Forbidden West Image: Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

In this Horizon Forbidden West Relic Ruins: The Daunt guide, we’ll show you how to complete your seemingly simple goal: Explore the ruins. Follow our guide, and you’ll get 5,000 XP, 2 Skill Points, and a lot of loot along the way.

Relic Ruins: The Daunt is an ancient hotel located south of Chainscrape, and your ultimate goal is to unlock a door on the second level, but you need a Key Module and a code first. And to get those, you need to explore the ruins. Let’s get to it.

Table of contents

We’ve broken down this house-hotel into three areas:

  1. The first room, which is where you start and end Relic Ruins: The Daunt. It’s the only area where you can start exploring. It has the locked door.
  2. The second room, which is where you find the code you need to unlock the door.
  3. The basement, where you find the path to the Hotel Room Key (and also technically make your way up to the roof).
  4. Opening the Relic Ruins: The Daunt door, in which you take everything you’ve learned, open a door, and collect the loot.

The first room

Relic Ruins The Daunt first room crate
Drag the crate, jump up to the second floor, and head to the walkway.
Image: Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon
  1. Enter Relic Ruins: The Daunt through the front door on the west side (which means that your compass will show that you’re facing east). Or through the other open area. Point is, enter the only area you can.
  2. Use your Pullcaster to pull the crate in the distance toward the door on the second floor. (There’s also a handhold up there on the broken floor.)
  3. Jump up to the second floor. At this point, you can approach the locked door, and Horizon Forbidden West says “Requires Key Module.”
  4. Take the outside walkway, and jump the gap to reach a previously unreachable part of the building.

The second room

  1. Use your Pullcaster to drag an Ancient Supply Chest on the second flor down to the ground. (The treasure chest is pretty much straight ahead as you enter the room.)
  2. Use your Pullcaster to drag a crate from the second floor down to the ground. (The block is on your left as you enter the room.)
  3. Use your Focus to scan the Your Red Permit Code Datapoint.
  4. Jump on the crate, and then jump up to where you pulled the crate from. (Push the crate if necessary.)
  5. Walk through the mangled doors, and search the Ancient Supply Chest.
  6. Walk back the way you came, but don’t jump down. Instead, use your Pullcaster to open what looks like a crate but is actually a duct up near the roof of the building.
  7. Use your Pullcaster on the grapple point just to the right of the crate-duct, and it’ll pull a wooden beam down so that it’s parallel to the ground.
  8. Jump down, and push the crate more or less underneath the wooden beam.
  9. Jump up into the wooden beam.
  10. Jump up from the wooden beam into the crate-duct, and crawl into the next room.

The basement, the roof, and the Key Module

  1. Loot the Ancient Supply Box on the first floor, and head down through the hole into the basement. There’s a wall here with a horizontal handhold, but it disintegrates as soon as Aloy jumps on it. Remember this location.
  2. Using your Focus, look at the wall underneath the crate-duct, and use your Pullcaster on the grapple point you can see. That’ll destroy the wall, which will become important in two steps.
  3. Search the Ancient Supply Box on your left as you make your way into the basement.
  4. Use Focus to find the grapple point on the ceiling, and then use your Pullcaster to bring the ceiling down.
  5. Walk back upstairs, and push the crate from the adjacent room through the hole you created in the floor.
  6. Push the crate to the wall that we mentioned in Step 1 above — the one where the horizontal handhold breaks.
  7. Climb on the crate, jump to the vertical handhold, and follow the path until you can climb up onto the roof (where you should loot another Ancient Supply Box).
  8. Hop down from the roof to another outside walkway, where you’ll find the Key Module aka the Hotel Room Key, as well as another Ancient Supply Supply box.

Opening the Relic Ruins: The Daunt door

  1. Head back inside to the first room.
  2. Use the crate to hop up to the area with the door.
  3. Interact with the terminal to the left of the door, and Aloy will insert the key you found.
  4. Enter the code 1705. (You have to scroll down through the Your Red Permit Code Datapoint to find it.)
  5. Enter the room, and collect your rewards, including Ornament: The Daunt and all the loot from the nearby Ancient Supply Safe.

The next level of puzzles.

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