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Horizon Forbidden West guide: Repair Bay Tau Cauldron walkthrough

Override the Cauldron Core and defeat the Grimhorn

Horizon Forbidden West guide: Repair Bay Tau Image: Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon
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In this Horizon Forbidden West Repair Bay: Tau guide, we’ll walk you through completing the first Cauldron, which is part of the Main Quest “The Dying Lands.”

Cauldrons (and this Repair Bay) require you to navigate a dungeon-like facility to find a Core. Once you defeat that Cauldon’s Machine protector(s), you’ll override the core and get the ability to control some machines.

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Horizon Forbidden West Repair Bay: Tau walkthrough

After you complete the Main Quest “Death’s Door,” you’ll end up in Plainsong where you’ll meet Zo. From there, she’ll lead you through an attack by Rebels and their Machines. After that, you’ll arrive at the Sacred Cave — which is actually Repair Bay: Tau.

We’ll pick up our walkthrough of “The Dying Lands” and Repair Bay: Tau right after you Override the Door.

Go to the Repair Bay Core

  1. Follow the main chamber around to the right. Stick to the upper level — there will be a pair of Leaplashers on the ground floor. They are weak to Purgewater damage (which you might not have at the moment). There are also Blaze Canisters on their back that you can explode with Fire damage.
  2. Look to the southeast for another door and Override the Cauldron Door.
  3. Follow the next hallway to the end.

Find a Way Up

  1. Keep right and stand on the triangular panel on the floor — it’ll light up when you step onto it. This will start rotating sections of the nearby pillars.
  2. Watch for a button to light up on the gears. When it is lit, shoot it with an arrow to lock the gear into place.
  3. Climb up the first pillar. Zo will stand on the floor panel for you to start the gears rotating again. Lock the gears on the next two pillars the same way and climb to the top.
  4. At the top, follow the path to the left.
  5. Shoot the fractured panel above you and climb through.
  6. Grab the crate inside and push it through the force field to the right. Backtrack around to retrieve the crate and pull it back to the floor switch under the fractured panel.
  7. Shoot the gears on the two pillars, and then climb up and across them.

Override the Network Uplink 1

  1. Follow the path to the right until you find another floor panel and more gears. This time there are three pillars.
  2. Lock them into place and climb to the top.
  3. Take a left at the top and drop down so you can Override the Network Uplink.

Override the Network Uplink 2

  1. Head through the door you just opened, and stick to the left.
  2. Cross the yellow beams to the far side. Smash through the fractured panel there for some loot.
  3. Head to the right. Look for the glowing yellow handholds along the machine there to climb to the top.
  4. Take a left and Override the Network Uplink here too.

Override the Network Uplink 3

  1. Head down through the door you open to the right. Follow the path until you come to a gap above a lava floor. Use your Shieldwing to glide to the other side.
  2. Climb up the vent (louvers?) to your left, and keep following the yellow handholds up.
  3. At the top, look for a beam sticking out from the platform. Balance along that until you can jump to the metal carriers.
  4. Ride it until it passes through a shield.
  5. Turn right and you’ll find another beam. Glide from there down to the lit up platform below you.
  6. Take a right and go Override the Network Uplink.

Override the Network Uplink 4

Horizon Forbidden West guide: Repair Bay Tau Image: Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon
  1. Go through the door behind you and follow the hall to another door. Override the Cauldron Door to pass through.
  2. The next room is where you’ll be having a boss fight in a minute. Rappel Down to the floor and Override the Network Uplink off to your left.
  3. This will trigger the boss fight.

Kill the Grimhorn

First thing, scan the Grimhorn with your Focus. We’ve included the entire Machine Catalogue entry above, but there are only a few things you should focus on:

  • Grimhorns are weak to Acid damage.
  • The Horns on its head are tagged as Detachable and Attack Removal — this means shooting the horns off will remove its Fire attack.
  • The Blaze Sacs on its back are tagged Explosive and Attack Removal — this means shooting them with Fire damage will cause them to explode and deal huge amounts of damage, as well as remove another Fire attack.
  • The Cluster Launchers on its hips are tagged Detachable, Attack Removal, and Useable Weapon — if you shoot it off, you can pick it up and use it against the Grimhorn as a Heavy Weapon.

You can also tell from the entry that the Grimhorn is going to hit you with a lot of Fire attacks. Check out your Outfits and Meshes for something with good protection against Fire.

Horizon Forbidden West guide: Repair Bay Tau Image: Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

When the fight starts, use the Grapple Point on one of the nearby pillars to climb up and out of the way. This gets you out of the way while you deal some damage. It’s best to start out with enough Acid damage to trigger the Corroding state. Do your best to keep the Grimhorn in the Corroding State in between other attacks. The Corroding state will eat away at its armor plating, making its other weak spots easier to hit.

Horizon Forbidden West guide: Repair Bay Tau Image: Guerrilla Games/Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

We like to start with shooting the Cluster Launchers off. Choose your arrows with the highest Tear Damage and just keep shooting until they fall. Run over, pick up the Heavy Weapon, and fire it at the Grimhorn. And remember that it has two Cluster Launchers.

Getting the Grimhorn into the Corroding State and then unloading both Cluster Launchers into it should destroy it.

Clean up the other Machines and then Override the Repair Bay Core to complete Repair Bay: Tau and “The Dying Lands” Main Quest.

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