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Horizon Zero Dawn guide: How to find all 23 grazer dummies

The locations of all 23 grazer dummies for that sweet, sweet ultra rare trophy

While Horizon Zero Dawn is great at telling you how to do things, there are a couple of achievements that are very difficult to figure out. One of those is knocking down the 23 grazer dummies scattered throughout the Nora lands. In this guide, we’ll show you where to go to find all 23 grazer dummies.

A word of quasi-warning first, though: There’s no grand payoff here. It’s an achievement and nothing else. If you, like us, are obsessively driven to get those sweet, sweet, empty points, then read on. There’s no trick to these, and they’re not really hidden — they just take a bit of leg work to get to them all. Fast travel is your friend here. Otherwise, you’re going to be hoofing it for hours.

Rost and Aloy’s house: grazer dummies 1-7

The first seven grazer dummies you’ll encounter are around Rost and Aloy’s house. There are two just north of the bonfire, three by the gate to the south of the bonfire, one right in front of the house and one on a ledge you have to drop down to to the north of the house.

Mother’s Heart: grazer dummies 8 and 9

East-northeast from Rost and Aloy’s house, you’ll find Mother’s Heart. The next grazer dummy is immediately south of the bonfire. There’s another one behind the house to the northeast of the bonfire.

Mother’s Watch: grazer dummies 10 and 11

Your next stop is Mother’s Watch. It is south-southeast from Rost and Aloy’s house and generally south from Mother’s Heart. There are two dummies right outside of the north wall — between the bonfire and the merchant and the walls of the settlement — one on the left of the gate and one on the right.

Mother’s Cradle: grazer dummies 12 and 13

Straight east from Mother’s Watch is Mother’s Cradle. The dummy is in the southeast corner of the settlement behind a house.

The second dummy in Mother’s Cradle is outside of the settlement. Get to the road on the southern edge of town and start heading east toward the Souther Embrace Gate. Right after the road forks, you’ll see a house with a dummy out front.

We’re halfway there!

Mother’s Rise: grazer dummies 14 and 15

North from here, on the eastern side of the mountains — directly to the east of Mother’s Heart — is Mother’s Rise. The first dummy is on the cliffs behind the bonfire to the west.

The second dummy is on the north side of the settlement over by some meat-smoking racks.

Nora Hunting Grounds: 16 and 17

Directly southeast of Mother’s Rise are the Nora Hunting Grounds. There are two dummies on the south side of the house there.

Devil’s Thirst Camp: grazer dummy 18

Your next stop is straight north (and a little to the east), past the Devil’s Thirst ruins to the Devil’s Thirst bandit camp. Or former bandit camp depending on when you undertake this particular endeavor. The dummy is just inside the gate on the southeast corner of the camp.

Mother’s Crown: grazer dummies 19 and 20

Mother’s Crown is west-northwest of Devil’s Thirst. There are two grazer dummies just inside the gate in the northwest corner of the settlement.

Hunter’s Gathering: grazer dummies 21 and 22

West-northwest again will bring you to the Hunter’s Gathering settlement. There are two grazer dummies on the north side of the settlement — the first northwest of the bonfire. Look for the Banuk painting on the rocks.

The second is directly north of the bonfire behind the tents and the merchant.

Two-Teeth: grazer dummy 23

Straight west from Hunter’s Gathering is the Two-teeth (bandit) camp. The final grazer dummy is on the north side of the camp against the cliff. It’s kind of back in a corner in front of its own little shed.

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