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A Paranormal Activity reboot drops on Paramount Plus next month

The best part of James Wan’s horror movie Malignant: it’s silly as hell

Halloween Kills is the Avengers: Infinity War of the new Halloween movie trilogy

Candyman is horror’s ultimate antihero

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All the scary, spoopy movies and shows coming to Netflix for Halloween

Neill Blomkamp thinks we’ll soon be able to live inside Marvel movies

Behemoth livens up the eco-thriller with surprisingly intense horror

The new Candyman was modernized for the wrong audience

American Horror Story keeps getting sexier

The Night House puts big cosmic horror into a small haunted-house story

Neill Blomkamp exorcises Demonic of its pulp horror potential

American Horror Story is bringing aliens back, but at what cost?

The horror movies doing Saw stories better than the Saw franchise

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Junji Ito thinks the world has gotten scarier, but not as scary as his manga

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The biggest panels to catch out of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con

M. Night Shyamalan’s Old is more of a weird, ironic fairy tale than a horror movie

Great White takes its absurd shark terror mighty seriously

‘How are we going to kill these people in beautiful rooms?’

Fear Street: 1666 sticks the landing on Netflix’s ambitious R.L. Stine horror trilogy

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions misses the whole point of escape rooms

Fear Street: 1978 echoes Friday the 13th and Halloween, but the scares are scarce

Netflix’s Fear Street: 1994 brings MCU-nification to slasher horror

The 1980s throwback horror movie Let Us In dives deep into a creepy urban legend

Werewolves Within turns the classic party game into a bloody horror movie

Michael Myers returns in the Halloween Kills trailer

Untitled Horror Movie is comfort horror-comedy

George A. Romero’s ‘lost film’ is terrible, but horror fans are right to be excited

The excellent Netflix fantasy Tragic Jungle is a slow journey into horror

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It risks the soul of a surprisingly solid horror series

A Quiet Place Part II is really a movie about divorce, stepdads, and the ’burbs

James Tynion on his vaccine summer nightmare comic The Nice House on the Lake

Resident Evil’s most unsettling theme isn’t zombies — it’s eugenics