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Kojima reveals OD, an immersive horror game collab with Jordan Peele

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Suitable Flesh’s director explains the ludicrous kill scene he sat on for a decade

‘This is the thing I love about fellow horror directors — we always have that perfect kill in our back pocket’

All the Scream 7 news so far, including its new director

Drag Me to Hell, now on Netflix, perfected the lost art of Looney Tunes horror

‘They’re telling me that Hostel and Grindhouse are the single most influential horror films of the ’00s’

Thanksgiving is secretly the best Scream movie since Wes Craven’s run

The best horror movies you can watch right now

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Night Trap was Hasbro’s failed attempt to make less scary vampires

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The Lost Boys paired vampire camp with real teenage fears

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The underrated vampire movies from around the world

Chucky is Dead by Daylight’s next killer

Watch A Haunting in Venice, 2023’s best murder mystery, this Halloween

Silent Hill: Ascension’s pricing explained ahead of Halloween premiere

Stephen King’s scariest novels, ranked

The Halloween Countdown: 31 days of horror to watch

Five Nights at Freddy’s had a record-breaking opening weekend at the box office

When Evil Lurks’ director says his staggering horror movie is really about pesticide

Demián Rugna walks us through his inspirations and why he made a horror movie about bureaucracy

The best stuff to watch after Alan Wake

Re-Animator fans, rejoice: The horror movie Suitable Flesh was made specifically for you

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The director of Blair Witch 2 explains where it all went wrong

Documentarian Joe Berlinger reflects on one of his darkest moments: trying to make a smart Blair Witch sequel

How scary is Alan Wake 2? Let’s talk jump scares

The Five Nights at Freddy’s movie is a dizzying mashup of decades of culture

5 things to know before watching the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie

Steam’s Scream sale has discounts on the best scary PC games out there

A pair of hands places a cardboard game piece for the game The Night Cage on top of the game board, which looks like a black and white 6 x 6 grid with a number of tiles and game pieces on it.

The Night Cage makes co-op board gaming scary fun

The best horror movies of 2023, ranked by scariness

The best way to ring in spooky season: Political intrigue (and zombies)

Junji Ito is still the only comics artist that scares me

Only one show has a boxing ex-convict priest doing exorcisms, and you should be watching it

Now’s the time to get back into American Horror Story

5 short horror games to play this Halloween season

10 underrated horror movies to watch right now

The next level of puzzles.

Take a break from your day by playing a puzzle or two! We’ve got SpellTower, Typeshift, crosswords, and more.

The next level of puzzles.

Take a break from your day by playing a puzzle or two! We’ve got SpellTower, Typeshift, crosswords, and more.