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I Saw the TV Glow already looks like one of the best horror movies of the year

Even True Detective: Night Country’s answers have mysteries

True Detective: Night Country creator’s breakout horror film will ruin you

The best arctic horror stories to watch after True Detective: Night Country

True Detective: Night Country episode 5 solves one mystery and opens up a few more

Out of Darkness’ director set a god-tier difficulty level for his debut horror movie

Lisa Frankenstein is the perfect bloody Valentine

OK if A Quiet Place: Day One really happened what would you do

Now this is how to sell a horror movie

Netflix has reportedly canceled its best zombie show, so watch Netflix’s best zombie show

In a Violent Nature spins out a fun, grisly slasher from the killer’s perspective

Sydney Sweeney is a pregnant nun in this convent-set horror movie

The best horror movies you can watch right now

Cosmic horror game Rotten Flesh is a dog-owner’s worst nightmare

True Detective: Night Country is slowly starting to thaw its icy mystery

Resident Evil 2, now on Game Pass, gets better as you replay it

Night Country gets True Detective’s vibe better than True Detective ever has

Issa López wants True Detective: Night Country to show how far we’ve come, and how much we’ve forgotten

Everyone’s wrong about Night Swim, a good horror movie and a better family tragedy

The First Omen looks like a fitting beginning for the Damien, the world’s most evil child

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The best horror movies of 2023, ranked by scariness

Surprise Five Nights at Freddy’s game revealed by being accidentally released on Roblox

Netflix’s Yu Yu Hakusho is the rare tonal mishmash that works

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The Sacrifice Game’s director carefully avoided summoning any actual demons

‘I’m an atheist, but I don’t want to fuck with real demons’

Silent Hill fans discover weird Easter egg in Kojima’s OD teaser trailer

Netflix’s new Korean horror series drops you in a World War II hospital full of monsters

The Sacrifice Game and The Holdovers are 2023’s best Christmas double feature

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Kojima reveals OD, an immersive horror game collab with Jordan Peele

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Suitable Flesh’s director explains the ludicrous kill scene he sat on for a decade

‘This is the thing I love about fellow horror directors — we always have that perfect kill in our back pocket’

All the Scream 7 news so far, including its new director

Drag Me to Hell, now on Netflix, perfected the lost art of Looney Tunes horror

‘They’re telling me that Hostel and Grindhouse are the single most influential horror films of the ’00s’

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