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Let the Right One In is coming to TV, with a new take on child vampirism

The trailer for Ti West’s Pearl adds porn and pitchfork murder to The Wizard of Oz

Nope’s Gordy segments (and that weird shoe) are packed with meaning

The inspirations behind the monster in Nope

Some of Nope’s enigmas are better left unsolved

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Interview with a Vampire gives fans first bite of the new series with a trailer

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The Walking Dead’s Rick Grimes movie is now a romantic Walking Dead TV show

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The Walking Dead’s last eight episodes come to AMC in October

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First trailer for Tales of the Walking Dead reveals new sides of the zombie-filled world

22 great horror movies you can watch right now

Jordan Peele’s Nope brings chills and thrills, but it’s all empty air

Albert Wesker’s trip to the principal’s office in Resident Evil scared Lance Reddick

What We Do in the Shadows season 4 goes all in on a vampire nightclub

Netflix’s Resident Evil series could have been about superdad Albert Wesker. Instead it’s just boring

The horror adaptation The Black Phone has the same problem as the It movies

9 delightfully spooky horror shows to watch at home

Gatlopp’s goofy take on horror gives the Jumanji genre a new adult spin

The horror movie Watcher asks and answers ‘Are scream queens still a thing?’

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The startling story behind Hatching’s horrifying puppet-monster

Director Hannah Bergholm explains how she pulled talent from Star Wars and The Dark Knight for a tiny horror debut

The Innocents is the creepiest Stephen King movie that King didn’t write

Monstrous takes straightforward creature-feature horror in a bonkers direction

The clumsy new Firestarter adaptation does one major thing better than the 1984 original

Shudder’s new zombie movie The Sadness is exceptionally brutal, but it aims for more

The horror movie Men is a thousand arguments waiting to happen

The horror film Escape the Field smooshes Stephen King into Squid Game

Shepherd finds the right disguise for its familiar horror-movie checklist

Hatching finds the extreme, bloody horror we all knew was behind influencer culture

A24’s first Bodies Bodies Bodies trailer finds new ways to get horror fans staring at blood

Stranger Things season 4 will be the darkest — and the funniest — yet

We’re All Going to the World’s Fair gives creepypasta fans the exact movie they need

Netflix’s Choose or Die somehow finds the dreary downside to a murderous video game

13 of the best horror movies currently haunting Netflix

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