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Netflix’s stop-motion nightmare The House goes to places you really can’t unsee

The end of Scream 5 is a zinger aimed at toxic fandom

The 2022 Scream does for horror what Matrix Resurrections did for sci-fi

A wave of folk horror movies hits Shudder, inspired by an epic new documentary

See For Me updates an all-time classic horror movie for the gamer age

So Leatherface is just some guy in Netflix’s new Texas Chainsaw Massacre

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Halo is at its best when it embraces horror

Watch the first trailer for the latest horror series with a confusing title

The new Resident Evil movie finally embraces horror, but it should be trashier

The Feast squishes its way through one of the year’s smartest, most sickening horror stories

New Resident Evil movie trailer is bad news for anyone who hates clowns

What to watch this Halloween weekend

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Seance director Simon Barrett explains why tropes matter so much in horror

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Why every generation re-discovers Stephen King

A most American nightmare

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Possession is a gross yet masterful take on doppelgängers

Michael Myers is a stand-in for toxic something

Last Night in Soho is Edgar Wright at his Edgar Wright-iest

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Most ‘horror anime’ isn’t really horror, even when it scares us

The newest Dark Pictures game will take place in a serial killer mansion

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Getting old might be the scariest new thing in horror movies

Heavy Metal’s drag-filled Halloween issue is a nexus of horror, glamour, and filth

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‘Everything new will kill you’ is the worst trope in horror

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The 6 types of masks that define slasher movies

What does the mask say about the killer?

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The Monster Girl gives classic horror movie villains a liberating twist

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How horror movies found their spooky sound over 100 years

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Dude Bro Party Massacre III is the best horror-satire nobody’s watched

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The biggest sin you can commit in horror movies is being curious

Do not wonder why, fool

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Chucky isn’t just an evil doll, he’s a true Universal Monster

The long-running horror star has a new show, but exhibits all the traits of classic creatures

JoJo Siwa dances to Anything Goes as Pennywise the Clown, and it’s brilliant

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The state of the horror trope: an expert roundtable

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Trick or Trope: Polygon’s celebration of horror scare tactics

Everything you ever wanted to know

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When the human sacrifice becomes the savior