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The Oscar-winning drama All Quiet on the Western Front is actually a horror movie

Let’s have a big debate about The Last of Us finale

Where to watch every Scream movie

Scream VI’s latest meta twist: justifying the whole Scream franchise

Apparently no one can get Stephen King’s Children of the Corn right

Dead by Daylight’s getting a movie so we can finally see Freddy Krueger and Ghost Face on the big screen

The Last of Us’ best story got a lot more tragic on TV

The Last of Us’ biggest Easter egg is its smallest shot

The Outwaters breaks the found-footage rules in squirmy ways 

The 5 best horror movies to watch on Netflix this February

The Last of Us is finding apocalyptic meaning where The Walking Dead couldn’t

Get Out and Halloween producer Blumhouse is getting into games

In Brandon Cronenberg’s Infinity Pool, the sex and satire drip off the screen

M3GAN’s unrated cut is coming to Peacock

Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey gets three things right past its clickbait premise

Huesera takes pregnancy body horror up to 11

Is found-footage horror a dead genre?

Viral horror video The Backrooms will be a movie from A24 and its 17-year-old director

The Last of Us brought a fan-favorite game character to the show in a different way

Knock at the Cabin’s original ending was much darker

Let’s talk about the end of Knock at the Cabin

London is so messed up in Lockwood & Co., they won’t even say what happened

Cult-favorite horror series Birdemic is getting a special Blu-ray box set that includes new third film

In Knock at the Cabin, the old M. Night Shyamalan haunts the new one

8 movies like Dead Space to watch as a break from vivisecting Necromorphs

Scream 6’s meta horror can finally turn its knife on Scream fans

Netflix’s Junji Ito Maniac translates Ito very faithfully and horrifically

When M3GAN will be streaming

The viral sensation Skinamarink is this generation’s Blair Witch Project

Does M3GAN have a post-credits scene?

M3GAN is gleeful, unhinged fun — but it’s smarter than it looks

Evil Dead’s latest reboot already looks more fun than the last one

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