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Immortals Fenyx Rising guide: Arena of Fortitude Vault of Tartaros walkthrough and combat tips

Get ready to rumble

The Arena of Fortitude in Immortals Fenyx Rising Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

The Arena of Fortitude Vault of Tartaros is in the Valley of Eternal Spring, near where you begin your journey. In this Immortals Fenyx Rising guide, we’ll show you how to find the Vault Entrance location, defeat the enemies within, find and open the Epic Chest, and collect Zeus’s Lightning on your way out.

How to find the Arena of Fortitude Vault entrance

Immortals Fenyx Rising’s Arena of Fortitude vault is easy to reach from the Hall of the Gods: Head not quite due south, almost until you reach the sea. There you find a series of grassy hills with a Cyclops and several guards. Defeat them, and then drop through the opening they were guarding to enter the vault.

A map screenshot from Immortals Fenyx Rising
The location of the Arena of Fortitude Vault of Tartaros
Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

How to clear the Arena of Fortitude Vault of Tartaros

This vault tests you on your combat prowess, rather than your ability to solve puzzles. Make sure to bring plenty of whatever potions you might need. Attempt this vault only after you have upgraded your weapons and armor.

The Arena of Fortitude in Immortals Fenyx Rising
Keep an eye out for traps while you fight
Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon
  1. Cross the platforms to arrive at the checkpoint. There is a healing orb just to the side, but save it unless you need it.
  2. Pull the lever to the right of the checkpoint to open the doors ahead.
  3. Enter the arena. Notice the spike traps along the edges, along with fire-breathing heads on the walls. Avoid them as you do battle with three waves of enemies. While they can obviously hurt you, they can also hurt enemies. Use this to your advantage.
  4. After you complete each wave, a purple crystal activates on the far side of the arena.
Enemy soldiers in Immortals Fenyx Rising
The soldiers aren’t a challenge if you don’t let them surround you
Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

The first wave consists of weak soldiers. Defeat them with regular sword strikes and roll around to avoid letting them corner you.

The second wave includes a heavily armored guard. Heavy blows from your axe can break through his shield, but keep moving to avoid his dangerous pike.

Two of the slug-like Gorgon enemies attack in the final wave. They have ranged magic, so keep moving. Hit them with regular sword strikes and dodge when they rush.

Defeating all three waves will open pathway to Zeus’s Lightning.

The Epic Chest

Two minotaur in Immortals Fenyx Rising
Jump back over to the middle of the arena so you don’t have your back against the wall
Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

After you defeat the regular enemies, head toward the vault entrance and use the healing orb if you didn’t already. You’ll have to deal with one more combat encounter if you want the Epic Chest.

  1. Reenter the arena and pull the lever along the left side. Translucent walls lock you inside the area.
  2. Fight the two Minotaur enemies that appear. Try to focus most of your attacks on one of them at a time so you quickly cut resistance in half and prevent them from ganging up on you for long.
  3. Keep rolling to avoid attacks. They like to rush you, but they turn red as they are about to rush, and that is your cue to take evasive action. Then rush over and get in a few quick hits while they recover.
  4. Once you defeat the two Minotaurs, pass through the opening near the lever and glide along the gusting platforms to reach the platform.
  5. Enter the room and open the Epic Chest to obtain the Molten Fragment.

Zeus’s Lightning

  1. Return to the arena area and head through the opening beyond the three purple crystals. Use the gusting platforms to glide across the wide gap.
  2. On the high platform, climb the stairs to claim Zeus’s Lightning and exit the vault.

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