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Immortals Fenyx Rising guide: Arena of Strength Vault of Tartaros walkthrough and combat tips

A whole lot of Gorgons

The main character of Immortals Fenyx Rising stands in front of a gate Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

The Arena of Strength Vault of Tartaros is in the War’s Den region. In this Immortals Fenyx Rising guide, we’ll show you how to find the Vault Entrance location, solve the dungeon’s puzzles, find and open the Epic Chest, and collect Zeus’s Lightning on your way out.

How to find the Arena of Strength Vault entrance

Immortals Fenyx Rising’s Arena of Strength vault is easy to reach from the God of the Forge statue: Head south from it until you enter into War’s Den.

In front of the temple is a statue. Use your Herakles’s Strength ability to drag a metal block onto a plate switch with an anvil emblem etched on it. Then use the Phosphor’s Clone ability to set a clone statue on the plate switch with a feather emblem.

The main character of Immortals Fenyx Rising holds a stone statue of themselves
Use the nearby block and clone to weigh down the switch
Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

A translucent red barrier disappears from the doorway leading into the temple. Pass through the opening and drop through the rift to access the vault.

How to clear the Arena of Strength Vault of Tartaros

The main character of Immortals Fenyx Rising fights some harpies
Try not to get overwhelmed with the third wave
Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

This vault tests you on your combat prowess, rather than your ability to solve puzzles. Make sure to bring plenty of whatever potions you might need. Attempt this vault only after you have upgraded your weapons and armor.

  1. Cross the platforms to arrive at the checkpoint. There is a healing orb just to the side, in case you need it after the battle outside.
  2. Pull the lever to the right of the checkpoint to open the doors ahead.
  3. Enter the arena. You need to dispatch three enemy waves here to activate three crystal switches on the far side of the chamber.
  4. You are attacked by a host of common enemy mobs, consisting primarily of Gorgons and assorted soldiers. In the first two waves, tend to the Gorgons first so they can’t pick you off from a distance, unless you can easily strike down a soldier and keep a combo going. In the third wave, start with the harpies and then follow up with the Gorgons and soldiers.
  5. As you clear each wave, the crystal switches light and finally the doors open on the far end of the arena.

The Epic Chest

A group of enemies in front of the main character in Immortals Fenyx Rising
After you pull the lever, all these enemies show up all at once
Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

After you defeat the regular enemies, there is an optional battle you can complete for an Epic Chest.

  1. Pull the lever along the arena’s left side. Translucent walls lock you inside the area.
  2. Fight a new enemy wave, which consists of several soldiers, some Gorgons, and another beast or two. They all appear almost immediately ahead of you and rush you, so be ready to counter with area attacks and end the fight quickly.
  3. Once you defeat the enemies, pass through the opening near the lever and glide along the gusting platforms to reach the platform.
  4. Enter the room and open the Epic Chest to obtain the Molten Fragment.

Zeus’s Lightning

  1. Return to the arena area and head through the opening beyond the purple crystal switches. Ascend along the platforms to cross the wide gap.
  2. Climb the stairs to claim Zeus’s Lightning and exit the vault.

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