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Immortals Fenyx Rising guide: Arena of Legends Vault of Tartaros walkthrough and combat tips

Raging Wraiths

The entrance to the Arena of Legends Vault of Tartaros in Immortals Fenyx Rising Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

The Arena of Legends Vault of Tartaros is in The Forgelands region. In this Immortals Fenyx Rising guide, we’ll show you how to find the Vault Entrance location, solve the dungeon’s puzzles, find and open the Epic Chests, and collect Zeus’s Lightning on your way out.

How to find the Arena of Legends Vault entrance

Immortals Fenyx Rising’s Arena of Legends vault is easy to reach from the God of the Forge statue: Head northeast toward the easternmost part of the mainland, north and slightly east of the aqueducts. Look along a cliffside overlooking the sea to find the rift out in the open but guarded by enemies. Defeat the enemies and drop through the rift to access the vault.

The map location of the Arena of Legends Vault of Tartaros in Immortals Fenyx Rising Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

How to clear the Arena of Legends Vault of Tartaros

The hero of Immortals Fenyx Rising fights three large enemies
Watch out when the Wraith of Odysseus makes clones
Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

This vault tests you on your combat prowess, rather than your ability to solve puzzles. Make sure to bring plenty of whatever potions you might need. Attempt this vault only after you have upgraded your weapons and armor.

  1. Cross the platforms to arrive at the checkpoint. There is a healing orb just to the side, in case you need it after the battle outside.
  2. Pull the lever to the right of the checkpoint to open the doors ahead.
  3. Enter the arena. A couple of powerful enemies attack here, one at a time. First comes the Wraith of Odysseus, which likes to teleport out of range and swoop in with dashing sword attacks. Dash to dodge them and then strike quickly to return damage. After that wraith, the Wraith of Herakles appears and approaches. Steer clear of his hammer and move in for a few quick strikes at a time before retreating to regroup.
  4. Once you defeat the last second wraith, the crystal switch lights and the doors open on the far end of the arena.

The Epic Chest

The hero of Immortals Fenyx Rising fights a large bear and a warrior
The Bear of Atalanta can pack a huge punch
Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

After you defeat the regular enemies, there is an optional battle you can complete for an Epic Chest.

  1. Pull the lever along the arena’s left side. Translucent walls lock you inside the area.
  2. Fight a new enemy wave, which contains a couple more wraiths and a Bear of Atalanta. The beast charges you frequently and for great damage, disrupting attacks you might mount against the wraiths, so tend to it first while steering clear of projectiles sent your way by the Wraith of Atalanta. Then take out the wraith herself, and finally defeat the slower but still dangerous Wraith of Herakles.
  3. Pass through the opening near the lever and glide along the air gusts so you can reach the small room on the overhead ledge. Open the Epic Chest and obtain the Molten Fragment.

Zeus’s Lightning

  1. Return to the arena area and head through the opening beyond the purple crystal. Ascend along the platforms to cross the wide gap.
  2. Open the Epic Chest to your left to acquire an extra Zeus’s Lightning bolt.
  3. Climb the steps to claim Zeus’s Lightning and exit the vault.

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