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Immortals Fenyx Rising’s protagonist, Fenyx, wields an ax

Immortals Fenyx Rising guides and Vault of Tartaros walkthroughs

Time for your legend to rise

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Immortals Fenyx Rising is a sprawling action game that brings you across several regions fighting monsters, restoring power to gods, and solving puzzles. Polygon’s guides will help you make the most of your adventure, even helping you find the best horse to ride in the game’s opening moments.

Whether you pour over our Immortals Fenyx Rising beginner’s guide or consult the best way to solve the game’s dozens of Vault of Tartaros puzzle stages in each of the game’s regions — King’s Peak, the Valley of Eternal Spring, War’s Den, The Forgelands, and the Grove of Kleos — our collection of walkthroughs will guide you throughout your journey and help you solve every puzzle along the way.

If you need to bolster your skills, check out our guide on Big Lyre locations so you can stock up on Coins of Charon. You can use that currency to unlock the best skills in Immortals Fenyx Rising.