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Immortals Fenyx Rising guide: Vault of Hephaistos walkthrough and puzzle solutions

Dark Arts

The entrance to the Vault of Hephaistos in Immortals Fenyx Rising Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

The Vault of Hephaistos is in The Forgelands region. In this Immortals Fenyx Rising guide, we’ll show you how to find the Vault entrance location, solve the dungeon’s puzzles, defeat the boss, and retrieve Hephaistos’s Essence from the vault.

How to find the Vault of Hephaistos

Immortals Fenyx Rising’s Vault of Hephaistos is part of your quest to restore the essence to one of the game’s four gods, Hephaistos. After meeting the God of The Forge in The Forgeland’s area, he’ll eventually give you the story “Dark Arts” quest.

Taking this quest will bring you to an extended version of a puzzle vault, this one themed after Hephaistos. This dungeon is unlike the others you encounter as it’s much longer than most. It also differs from other similar areas, like the Vault of Ares, as it has no checkpoints. You must complete this extended vault in a single run.

How to clear the Vault of Hephaistos

An explanation of Forge Steam in Immortals Fenyx Rising
Controlling Forge Steam will be a major part of this vault
Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

This vault contains a unique mechanic, Forge Steam. The air blowing in the dungeon can affect Fenyx and objects in special ways:

  • Light objects, like wooden boxes, can be pushed around with Forge Steam.
  • Fenyx can glide longer distances depending on which direction the Forge Steam is blowing.
  • Shooting arrows at steam vent controllers can change the steam’s direction.


  • Once you enter the vault, continue forward until you reach the first checkpoint.
  • Here you’ll receive an explanation on Forge Steam, which will be something you’ll manipulate throughout this vault.
  • Shoot an arrow at the steam vent controller to make the wind flow to the left.
  • Use the Forge Steam to glide much faster across the gap ahead of you.
  • Turn the corner and jump up the platforms until you reach another steam vent controller.
  • Shoot it to reverse the flow of the Forge Steam to glide across the gap ahead of you.
  • Head up to the top of the structure to reach a checkpoint.
  • Shoot the steam controller to flip it to your right and glide across the large gap.
  • On the other side, you’ll see another steam controller. Shoot it so the wind is now going toward your right. Then activate the pedestal to summon a wooden boulder.
  • Doing so will allow you to grab the wooden boulder and bring it up the ramp. If you do not flip the wind’s direction here, the boulder will get lodged in the corner and will stay stuck in there because of the wind.
  • Once you’re up the ramp, you’ll get a prompt explaining how the Coal Exchanger works.
  • To use the Coal Exchanger, drop the wooden boulder into the small building and pull the switch. A red barrier will appear and eventually, a smouldering lump of coal will appear.
  • Grab the coal and throw into the open furnace ahead of you.
  • A short cutscene will play. Then, you’ll have two directions to go to from here: left and right.

The Left Path and a quick chest

  • From the furnace, head left until you reach the end of the platform.
  • Look off the side of the platform and you’ll see a small ledge protruding near a lava flow.
  • Jump onto it and move down and around the platform until you see a chest containing one Zeus’s Lighting. Head back up the way you came.
  • Continue forward until you reach an open furnace.
  • Take a left and hop across a small gap. Then head up the ramp.
  • At the top, you’ll find a checkpoint, a pedestal, and a few doors with red barriers on them. You’ll also find a small metal box and a steam controller which should be facing to your left.
  • Activating the switch will spawn two wooden boxes, which should fly off to the left due to the current direction of the Forge Steam.
  • One of the wooden boxes will cover a light plate switch when summoned. To activate the other switches, grab the metal box and place it on the switch to the north and summon a Phosphor’s Clone to activate the light plate switch to the east. This will unlock the red barrier to the north.

Left Path Continued and another Chest

  • Head upward by hopping up the platforms until you reach a new area and a checkpoint.
  • With the wind still blowing from to left, activate the pedestal to summon three wooden boxes and a metal box.
  • The wind will push the three boxes to the left with one of the boxes landing on a light plate switch.
  • Pull the lever which will switch which red barriers are open on either side. This pull will open the doors on the left. Hop on a box and jump outside of this area to reveal a chest that contains one Ambrosia. Hop back into the room.
  • To open the red barrier at the north of the room, first grab the metal block and place it to the right of the light plate switch at the north of the room.
  • Then if you need to, flip the switch so the red barriers are open on the left side.
  • Shoot the steam controller to make the wind flow to the right. Doing so will make all the boxes move to the other side of the room. The box in the center will hit the plate switch on the right side of the room. The block at the north of the room should be stopped by the metal box, keeping it on top of the light plate switch.
  • Next, place a Phosphor’s Clone on the plate switch on the left side of the room.
  • Finally, flip the switch one last time so the red barriers appear on the left side of the room. Grab the metal box and place it on the heavy switch, which opens the red barrier to the north. Since you blocked the flow of the wind to the right, the box on the northern plate switch shouldn’t move.
  • As you exit the previous area, shoot the steam controller ahead of you so it faces the left.
  • Jump across the platforms and glide to the next area. Ascend the stairs to reach a long room with a pedestal. Activating it summons a few items like a metal boulder, a two wooden box, and a small metal box.
  • Grab the metal box with Herakles’s Strength and head south back toward the beginning of this area. Place the box to the left of the gap on the higher platforms.
  • Then, pull the lever. This will cause the boxes in the room to slide to the right of the room. The box at the north will slide against the wall filling in a gap on the higher platforms you’re standing on. The metal box you placed should stop the other wooden box in a way that fills in another gap.
  • With both gaps filled, grab the metal ball and bring it up the ramp and across the two gaps you’ve made with the wooden boxes until it rests next to the area where there are orange blocks in the ground.
  • Grab the metal block again and place it to the left of the light plate switch at the north of the room.
  • Pull the lever and hit the steam controller to switch the direction of the wind in the room. This will cause the wooden box at the north to rest against the metal block, pressing down on the light plate switch. Once it’s on there, flip the switch to block the wind from the right of the room.
  • Grab the metal block and place it on the heavy plate switch.
  • Create a Phosphor’s Clone to press down on the light plate switch along the wall on the right of the room. Doing all of this will raise a platform spanning the length of the room.
  • Grab the metal ball again and bring it to the left of the room just short of one more gap.
  • Flip the lever one last time, which allows the northern wooden box to fill in the gap on the left side of the room.
  • Grab the ball and bring it to the basin at the north end of the room which opens a red barrier ahead of you.
  • A wooden boulder will spawn in a long hallway ahead of you. Grab it and lead it down the hall, make a left, and push it down a long ramp.
  • Follow the ramp down to the lower level and guide the boulder down another ramp and toward a Coal Exchanger.
  • Drop the boulder into the exchanger, pull the lever, then grab the burning coal and throw it into the open furnace ahead.
  • Another cutscene will play. Afterward, run to your left around the back of this main structure until you reach another furnace.
  • Continue into this new area and run past a Coal Exchanger.
  • Keep moving forward and when you see a steam controller, shoot it so it faces left.
  • Head through the gate ahead of you and move up the platform to your right. Glide across the long gap until you’re in a passageway where hydra heads appear near a checkpoint.
  • Wait for the hydra heads to disappear, then glide across the passageway.
  • On the other side, keep heading up the structure until you reach a steam controller. Shoot it so it faces to your right.
  • The next passageway will have lasers that turn on and off. Wait until they disappear and glide to the platform in the center. Wait for the lasers to go on and shut off again and glide to the next platform.
  • On the ledge next to another steam controller, double jump then glide all the way to the structure in the far distance. The Forge Steam will carry you all the way across to another checkpoint.
  • Like the tower before this, this first passageway has hydra heads. This time there are three of them that spawn in quick succession. To make it across safely, glide across as soon as the first hydra head disappears. As you go forward, the others should disappears as you move, allowing you to cross safely.
  • Proceed up and around the tower until you reach a section with both lasers and hydra heads. Same as before, wait for the lasers to disappear then glide forward. You may actually land on the first hydra head as you jump forward. If you do, quickly jump off of it and glide forward again until you reach the other side.
  • When you land, you’ll reach a checkpoint. From there, glide across to the other tower.

Reaching the top and a chest

  • This area features two hydra heads. Wait for them to appear, then jump on them to reach the higher platform. After doing this twice, you’ll swing around the tower and reach a checkpoint.
  • Continue heading up and jump on the platforms until you reach another steam controller. Shoot it so it faces your right.
  • Jump on the hydra head that appears next to you then ascend to the top.
  • Walk to the right of the steam controller to find a small platform protruding with a chest containing an Ambrosia. Jump down and grab it, then use a double jump and Ares’s Wrath to get back on top of the platform.
  • From the platform, stand on the edge, then double jump and perform Ares’s Wrath twice. At the apex, begin gliding forward toward the other platform. This should put you above the mist that would otherwise sap all your stamina.
  • On the top of the other tower, enter the structure ahead and activate a checkpoint.
  • Head back outside, then pull the lever. This will cause the center of the floor in this area to descend.
  • Head back into the structure and shoot the steam controller, making the wind face your left.
  • Pull the level to produce a wooden boulder that will get pushed out of the room and down the hole you just made.
  • Follow the boulder down the hole making sure to hit the glide button before you hit the bottom.
  • Grab the boulder and carry it out and to your right to the Coal Exchanger.
  • Produce some flaming coal by placing the boulder into the small building and pulling the lever. Then throw the hot coals into the furnace which causes another cutscene.

Climbing the tower and a chest

  • With the furnace full activated, you can now use the gusts of wind to ascend to the center of the tower.
  • Inside you’ll find a room with more gusts of wind and a lever.
  • Along the inside of the tower are several platforms with pedestals that must be activated.
  • Pulling the lever starts a countdown and activates the first pedestal above and in front of you. Glide up to it and activate it.
  • This activates a pedestal that is two levels above you. Keep gliding up until you see it and activate it.
  • This second pedestal will now unlock a pedestal one level below you. Jump down and hit it.
  • From here, each subsequent pedestal will activate another one above you. Keep hitting switches until you hear the puzzle solved jingle. This will open a door near the roof of this inner structure that leads to a checkpoint.
  • There is also a chest partway up the tower containing two Coins of Charon. Its best to drop down to the bottom of this inner room once you’ve unlocked the door then glide back up to look for it and grab it when there’s no time limit.

Boss fight: Polyphemos the Enraged

Polyphemos the Enraged from Immortals Fenyx Rising Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon
  • Head up and around the tower until you reach its peak. There you’ll hit another checkpoint and will be met by this vault’s boss, Polyphemos the Enraged.
  • This lumbering warrior swings a massive club and stomps around slowly.
  • Its first major attack sees it dropping into a stance where its club will glow red, signaling that you cannot block this attack. Then he’ll dash forward and take a big wind up, then a wide swing that can easily be dodged.
  • Another attack to look for is a large stomp. Polyphemos will stop moving then raise his left foot high. When he stomps down, he creates a purple area that damages you. Dodge away from him when he does this attack and circle around him to attack.
  • The giant will also do a series of fast swinging attacks when you get too close that can be hard to dodge.

The Essence of Hephaistos

A puzzle solution in the Vault of Hephaistos from Immortals Fenyx Rising Image: Ubisoft Quebec/Ubisoft via Polygon

After defeating Polyphemos, glide to the building across the way to grab the Essence of Hephaistos and exit the vault.

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