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Injustice 2 guide: character power

The last attack button

The last attack button is character power, which we’ve decided to give its own section. This button does something entirely unique for each character, similarly to BlazBlue’s drive button.

The most basic character power makes the character slightly stronger, like Superman’s ability to make himself do more damage for a short time. Here we see Superman do the same combo twice. Once he does it normally, but the second time he uses his power beforehand. You can see a serious difference in the damage done.

Often the character power is a strong special move whose use is limited, like Black Canary’s cry. These are moves too powerful to be available all the time, so they have a long cooldown. Save them for when it counts and surprise your opponent with a comeback.

Other characters activate a special mode like Gorilla Grodd’s telekinesis or Doctor Fate’s evil gods. These characters not only get temporarily stronger, but they gain completely new moves.

Another typical special power is the "helper call". Quite a few characters have this one, from Brainiac to Poison Ivy. Whether they stay out for a moment or run in one time, a second character will come out and attack independently of the first.

Especially for long-range zoning characters like Harley Quinn and Cyborg, this can be great for pressuring your opponent.

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