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iOS Watch List

Warcraft’s cast gets reintroduced through Hearthstone’s Book of Heroes

Apple vs. video games: an explainer of its many showdowns

Pokémon Go’s next special event is changing so players can do it solo

Soccer star pulled from PES Mobile in China after criticizing government

Mario Kart Tour is getting multiplayer, in beta form, this December

Mario Kart Tour adds Pauline to the racing roster

Roblox and the Wild West of teenage scammers

Original Doom trilogy comes to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite now available on iOS and Android

iOS Watch List: The Final Episode

iOS Watch List: Relic Rush, Puzzle Restorer and Rock Runners

iOS Watch List: After Burner Climax, Krashlander and Roar Rampage

iOS Watch List: Baseball Superstars 2013, Sortee and Table Top Racing

iOS Watch List: Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes, Half-Inch Heist and Wide Sky

iOS Watch List: Temple Run 2, Final Fantasy: All The Bravest and Momonga: Pinball Adventures

iOS Watch List: Joe Danger Touch!, Noble Nutlings and Hundreds

iOS Watch List: Baldur's Gate, Middle Manager of Justice and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

iOS Watch List: GTA: Vice City, Minigore 2 and Into the Dead

iOS Watch List: Jet Set Radio, The Bowling Dead and Writer Rumble

Got an iPad Mini? Feed it these classic games!

iOS Watch List: Skylanders Battlegrounds, Motley Blocks and Meganoid 2

iOS Watch List: Beatdown, Arranger and Verticus

iOS Watch List: Angry Birds Star Wars, Chip Chain and Wraithborne

iOS Gaming Watch List: Borderlands Legends, Arc Squadron and Heads Up! Hot Dogs

iOS Gaming Watch List: Crazy Taxi, Devil's Attorney, and Funky Smugglers

iOS Gaming Watch List: Payback 2 HD, Zaxxon Escape, and Burrito Bison

iOS Gaming Watch List: Bad Piggies, MechWarrior: Tactical Command, and The Last Express

iOS Gaming Watch List: Rayman Jungle Run, The Room, Thrust Magic and more

iOS Gaming Watch List: Oh, My Cat!, Gibbets 2, and Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint

iOS Gaming Watch List: Wild Blood, Scorching Skies, and Oh Hi! Octopi!

iOS Gaming Watch List: Bastion, McPixel, and Blast-A-Way

iOS Gaming Watch List: Lost Cities, Toybox, and Window Warrior