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Kingdom Come: Deliverance guide: Run! quest walkthrough

And a horse-riding primer

Warhorse Studios
Jeffrey Parkin (he/him) has been writing video game guides for Polygon for almost seven years. He has learned to love just about every genre of game that exists.

Sure, you get a tutorial-type quest to start out in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but all of that goes to hell when the invading army shows up. What follows is not really a quest (yet), but it starts your first experience with the brutal reality of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. We’re not going to walk you through every step of the “Run!” quest, but we’ll get you through the hardest parts (running away and riding your horse to Talmberg).

Run! quest walkthrough

Warhorse Studios

Henry the blacksmith’s son is not having a great day. And then things get worse. At the end of a long cutscene, Henry finds himself stuck between an invading army and a locked door with a new quest — “Run!”

You’ll regain control of Henry as he starts down the path on the west side of the castle. Your goal here is to run all the way down this path and find a horse. Or to put it another way, your goal here is to ignore everything else and only run down this path.

  • Don’t look behind you (there’s a soldier chasing you). Don’t explore (there’s a soldier chasing you). Don’t look for items to collect (there are none, and there’s a soldier chasing you). Don’t dawdle (there’s a soldier chasing you). Don’t hide (there’s a soldier chasing you and he’ll find you). Just run (from the soldier who’s chasing you).
  • Seriously, we’re giving this one another bullet point because we struggled with it for so long: Your only goal here is to run away. You cannot defeat the soldier and, besides, there are just more soldiers coming. You are only running away.

Sprint for as long as you can (by holding down the circle/B button or its PC equivalent), then keep walking forward until your stamina regenerates and you can sprint again.

When you get down to the main road, follow it to the left (east). Again, there are soldiers approaching from behind you, so don’t slow down, explore or relax yet.

Saving Theresa and getting a horse

You’ll pass the mill on your right. There are three soldiers there who are attacking Theresa (who you met briefly at the end of the first quest). You have a few options here. You can attack them (but they’ll kill you) or you can try to can try to avoid getting noticed (we didn’t try this because we’re not monsters, so we can’t promise you can sneak past).

The smartest, safest and quickest way to save Theresa is to whistle for your horse. Hit the triangle/Y button (or its PC equivalent) as you run past so the guards will chase you. This way, you don’t even have to slow down — you can just distract them as you sprint past.

Don’t worry: They’ll hear you. You don’t have to hang around to make sure. Keep heading east toward those horses.

Warhorse Studios

As you get close, you’ll get a wall-of-text tutorial about riding horses. If you’re like us, you immediately accidentally dismissed it because the exit button is the same as the sprint button on consoles (and you’re still sprinting, right?). We put it above for reference, but we’re going to spend a minute talking about riding horses now.

Horsemanship and riding horses

The first thing to know about the horses in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is that they have three speeds: trot, canter and gallop.

  • Push up on the left analog stick (or W on PC) to trot.
  • Hold down circle/B to canter. If you just hold down the button, your horse will follow whatever road you’re on automatically. If it doesn’t start cantering along automatically, give it a nudge with the left thumbstick. You can add in the left thumbstick (or A and D on PC) any time you need to steer or press up for a little extra speed.
  • Galloping requires a circle/B double-click-and-hold along with constant input on the W/left stick. (We bolded that last part because the game doesn’t explain that very well.)

Trotting is a walking pace. Cantering is faster, but won’t drain your horse’s stamina. Galloping is a flat-out horsey sprint that drains the horse’s stamina (but not as fast as you’d expect).

You only steer your horse with the left thumbstick (or the PC equivalent). It doesn’t matter which way Henry is looking. This takes a second to get used to just because it’s different from Henry’s controls.

Riding your horse to Talmberg

Warhorse Studios

Now that you know how to ride, keep whistling as you approach the horses and climb on the one that approaches you. You can also just steal the first one you come to — it really doesn’t matter.

Keep riding along the road (it’s relatively safe to just canter here, but galloping is better) until Henry’s day gets a little bit worse.

Warhorse Studios

Now you’ve got a ticking clock (you’re bleeding) and you’re being chased by three mounted soldiers. They’re right behind you and they have swords and bows. If they catch up, they’ll kill you with swords. And if they don’t catch up, they’ll shoot you full of arrows.

Just like running down the path before, your goal here is to gallop as much as possible, generally east then north.

A serpentine pattern is key. Don’t ride a straight line down the middle of the road and just hope that you don’t get shot (it won’t work and you’ll die). Swerve a lot. You don’t have to take every branching path you pass, but try to put things between you and your pursuers whenever you can.

Don’t slow down for anything. Don’t engage any of the soldiers you pass. Don’t stop to ask for directions. Just gallop until your horse can’t anymore, then canter (hold down circle/B or the PC equivalent key) until the stamina meter (it’s the green meter just to the left of your health) recharges. Lather, rinse and repeat.

A few seconds of galloping (and one or two arrows in your back) will bring you to a left turn in the path. Cross the bridge then follow the road to the right and past the fire.

Ignore the soldier shooting at the civilians and stick to the left path.

Keep riding straight along that road. Don’t take any turns, but keep weaving a little to dodge your pursuers.

Henry will say that he needs to go left and follow the stream. You’ll cross another bridge and your turn is immediately after.

Take the left and then just gallop for all you’re worth.

While your horse’s stamina is recovering, it’s possible to hold down circle/B to let your horse drive for a bit a look around. We don’t recommend looking behind you, though, because your attackers are right there.

Just keep following that road until you reach Talmberg.